Saturday, 31 December 2016

Five Things I've Learnt So Far In My 30's

Just recently I became another year older and although I still think I'm in my 20's, realistically I'm not anymore! (sob) But what I would like to say is I've matured with age and I've learnt a lot more about myself in my 30's then I ever did in my 20's. So I hope you don't mind but today I wanted to sit down and write a more personal post to end the year, in the hope it will inspire you to have the best 2017 yet, whatever age you are.

1. Appreciate Everything
I've come to appreciate a lot more in my 30's especially, my parents, husband, money and just the little things in life. For me it's the small things, gestures and memories that matter nowadays and I'm thankful for every moment.

2. It's Important to be Comfortable
I think accepting and being comfortable in your own body shape is a big thing, especially in the social media driven world we live in today. I've accepted that as I've got older my body has changed and I'm not the stick thin banana I used to be. Nowadays I feel like I'm more comfortable in knowing what works for my size and shape and acknowledging that not everything I used to wear in my teens and 20's is going to necessarily work for me in my 30's. So embrace your body shape and stop comparing yourself to others.

3. Hold onto the Gems and Get Rid of the Toxics
Friendship and loyalty is something I value highly and over the years I've realised it's ok to delete the toxic and negative people in your life that constantly bring you down. Instead focus and cherish the real gems that shine above the rest and who would do anything for you in a heartbeat, regardless of what they've got going on in their own lives.

4. It's OK To Let Go a Little
In my 30's I've defiantly become less worried about being this person who always looks prestige and put together as at the end of the day none of this would matter if the world was to end tomorrow.. Don't get me wrong dressing up and putting on makeup is my favourite past time as it makes me feel good about myself, but it's not the most important thing and really when I put everything into perspective, it's what's inside that counts the most.

5. You Can Do Anything if you Put Your Mind To It
Yes you can do anything you put your mind to, whether that's passing your driving test, starting your dream job or running a marathon, it just takes a little bit of focus and a ton of believing in yourself, to follow your dreams and make them a reality. So what you waiting for? Make 2017 YOUR YEAR and go for it!
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