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How to De-Clutter & Organise Your Wardrobe in 3 Easy Steps

How to Organise Your Wardrobe
Clearing out is defiantly one of my favourite past times and it's also something I love to do especially at the start of a new year, as it helps me feel motivated, satisfied and refreshed. So today I wanted to share with you how I de-clutter and organise my wardrobe in three easy steps and also how I use storage efficiently and effectively in small spaces.
Ok, so let's start with the all important de-clutter... I would suggest freeing up an afternoon to dedicate to the job, slip into something comfy, make yourself a tea and put on your focusing head!

Now the best way I find to be able to de-clutter and sort out efficiently, is to get everything out on the bed so you can see exactly what you have and plus it's also a great way to re-discover what's been lurking at the back of that wardrobe too!
Next it's time to get down to the sorting and one method I've used for years now is the keep, not sure and throw approach. This is such a simple but effective way of de-cluttering and being honest with yourself in the process.

All you need to do is get three large pieces of paper and simply write TO KEEP, NOT SURE and TO THROW, then place them on the bed so you can start dividing your clothes into each of the three sections.

Finally re-visit your NOT SURE pile and simply ask yourself two questions...
1. Does it fit anymore?
2. Have I worn it in the last six months?
If the answer is no to either, then it's time to get rid of it and this really is the time where you have to be strong willed and honest with yourself, otherwise you'll end up never getting rid of anything!

I also like to give my clothes to charity if they're in a good condition.
Lastly it's time to get everything back in after you've had a quick wipe down and polish...

Now as I mentioned in the video above, I have very minimal space to store clothes and the closet that I share with my husband is actually located outside of the bedroom in a small slanted cupboard. When we first moved in, this was actually empty, but with the help of my father in law we converted the small area into a proper working wardrobe with plenty of room for hanging clothes, as well as storing shoes and accessories. I also store my current season clothes on a fashion rack too as it's a great way to see exactly what you have and plus it helps make planning out outfits a lot easier.

Storage wise I use the Ikea Skubb Shoe Boxes, Compartment Box and Dividers to neatly tidy away shoes, scarfs, hats and gloves on the floor of the wardrobe and in an Ikea Malm Chest of Draws located in the bedroom.

To hang clothes I love using a mix of flocked velvet and metal hangers that all come from good old, fail safe Primark and for me this just helps make everything look more neat and organised.

Finally I wanted to share one final tip that my mother in law gave me and that is, every time you wear an item of clothing, when you place it back in your wardrobe make sure you turn the hanger the other way, that way you know what you've worn and what you haven't six months down the line.

Happy Organising!
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