Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Ciate Caviar Rainbow Manicure Review, Swatches and Photo's

The Caviar Manicure is fast becoming one of 2012's most popular Nail Art Trends, whether your doing it yourself or buying one of the kits this look is a great alternative to a regular manicure for a special occasion.
I've been thinking about buying the Ciate version for a while and I was lucky enough to snap it up on QVCUK for a One Time Only Price of £15.67 (including P&P) Usual Price is £18. It comes in Rainbow, Black Pearls & Mother Of Pearl.
The packaging is really pretty and very striking so you know exactly what it is and what colour you are buying. It comes with full instructions, tips & tricks as well as the coloured polish, one bottle of caviar pearls depending on your choice, a funnel to pour the pearls back in and a plastic tray to catch all the pearls when your applying. The bottles are really cute and dainty looking with a little black bow on the coloured polish.

The Caviar Pearls are really tiny smaller than hundreds and thousands to fit comfortably on the nail, but if your not used to texture on your nail it does feel a bit weird to start with.
The coloured polish applied evenly in two coats but I wouldn't apply no more than two coats as it could appear to thick on the nail. The pearls should cover all the nail if you have painted an even wet coat to the nail for them to adhere too.

There is plenty of instructions on the back of the box and a leaflet to help even an amateur nail painter! There is also pictures, tips and tricks to get the most from your application.

The box advises it can last up to 48 hours, mine only did last the day as it is hard not to do anything without knocking a pearl off, so I suggest firmly pressing the pearls into place and sealing the edge of the nail with a top coat to ensure maximum wear.
The retail price is £18.00 for the set which I don't think is to bad for a premium nail brand considering you get one bottle of polish, the pearls, a funnel and the instructions and bottle of colour on it's own from the Ciate website is £9. Don't forget this is a Nail Art collection something a little bit more special, from a premium nail brand, so I would expect to pay a bit more. If you are not willing to pay this price you can always go to your local craft store and get creative with your own DIY Caviar Manicure!

Overall I think this is a great product, very simple but clever, I don't think this is an everyday wearable manicure as the pearls do come of quite easily, but it is great for a night out, special occasion or wedding and is a fun and easy way of updating your nails!

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