Monday, 24 March 2014

April Photo a Day Challenge

Well another month has flown by and we are getting closer to Summer, which is exciting.
I thought it would be great to do another Photo a Day Challenge for April and I wanted to share it with you all so you can join in too!
April Photo A Day Challenge
Share your photos everyday in April via Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter using the hashtag #aprilphotoaday & #pinkparadisebeauty so we can all share our photo a day and see each others.
1. Make-Up Vanity
2. Outfit of the Day
3. Spring Flowers
4. Nail of the Day
5. Favourite go to Lip Balm
6. Current Perfume Favourite
7. Favourite Spring Colour
8. Do you like Tea or Coffee, what type?
9. Show us a Rainbow! It could be anything, use your imagination.
10. Inspirational Quote
11. Current song you listen to all the time!
12. Your Trainers
13. What makes you Happy?
14. Face of the Day
15. What I ate for Breakfast today
16. Most loved necklace
17. Do you have a special mug you always drink out of
18. Current Nail Brand love
19. What TV show are you watching & enjoying at the moment?
20. Rings you love or are wearing today
21. Do you like Pastel or Neon colours at the moment
22. What candy do you adore
23. Share all your Purple Beauty products
24. Throw back Thursday!
25. What's you hair SOS you cannot live without?
26. Give your favourite people a shout out, show some love!
27. Favourite snacks
28. What's your Skin Savour?
29. I love....... What do you love right now, it can be anything!
30. What candle are you currently burning?
 Happy Snapping!
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