Thursday, 27 March 2014

NYX Brow Marker Review, Photos and Swatches

I love any kind of new and interesting Brow product, so when I saw this NYX one I had to grab it!
I had used a similar felt tip brow marker from Laura Gellar a couple of years ago and really liked how it applied to the brow, so I was thrilled to find an affordable dupe, here's my thoughts.
This is priced at £8.50 which is cheaper than your high end brow product and a little more expensive than your drugstore version, to me I would pay this as it gives me everything I need in a Brow Pen.
The packaging is simple but informative about what it does, it comes in two colours medium & deep I have the deep for darker hair. The marker is easy to hold and has a thin nib just like a felt tip pen for precise application.
The marker feels wet on the skin just like a pen, but is easy to apply tiny hairs to the brows to make them look fuller, I love the nib as it is so thin and I can get into any sparse areas easily. If you make a mistake you can quickly rub it away before it sets on the brow.
This lasted for a solid 11 hours before it slightly faded at the start of the brows. If you wanted this to last well into the evening a slight re-application would be needed just to touch up minor areas which have faded, but all in all this product did what it said on the packaging.
I really love this brow marker as an alternative to a pencil, it looks natural and allows you to simply apply tiny hairs to sparse areas. It's long lasting and affordable, my only down point is the colour selection could be wider to cater for dark & fair haired beauties with maybe an extra colour each side of their medium & deep markers.
I award the NYX Brow Marker 4.6 out of 5

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