Monday, 28 April 2014

May Photo a Day Challenge

Hi Guys, how was everyone's April?
After a successful April Photo a day, I thought I would share a new May photo a day!
Feel free to join and use the hash tags #mayphotoaday and #pinkparadisebeauty please see the details of each day below, remember use your imagination, you don't have to follow my suggestions just have fun!
Happy Snapping!

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   Share your photos everyday in May via Instagram, Pinterest & Twitter using the hash tag #mayphotoaday & #pinkparadisebeauty so we can all share our photo a day and see each others.
1. Dream - What are you dreaming of your passion, something you've always wanted to do?
2. Lipstick or Lipgloss -What's your fave?
3. Nail Love - What Nail colour/product are you loving right now?
4. Vacation - Where are you going/been/dream of going too?
5. I feel.... - What do you feel right now?
6. Movie - What movie have you been to see/love?
7. Show us your Morning Skincare Routine
8. Neon - Show us something Neon
9. I love...... - What do you love right now?
10. Flowers - What are your favourite flowers? or do you have any in your house at the moment take a pic!
11. BFF - Who's your Best Friend Forever!
12. OOTD - Outfit of the Day
13. Favourite Animal?
14. Décor - Show us something that you love in your house or how you lay something out or what are you lusting after?
15. What's on? - What are you watching right now?
16. Favourite App?
17. Instahaul - Show us what you have bought recently?
18. Healthy - What are you doing/eating/loving that's healthy?
19. Workout - What's your favourite way to workout?
20. Smile - What makes you smile or show us your smile!
21. Clothes Shop - What is your go to Clothes shop?
22. I Wish.... - What do you wish for?
23. Dream - What do you dream about a lot?
24. Favourite Car Music - Song/Radio or go to song you always listen too?
25. NOTD - Nail of the Day
26. - Breakfast - What did you have for breakfast or what is your favourite breakfast?
27. Book - What are you currently reading or would like to read?
28. Nostalgia - What good memories/smells/things make you remember when you were younger?
29. Birthday - When's your birthday or what's on your wish list for your birthday?
30. Restaurant - What's your favourite place to eat or takeout?
31. Celebrity - What celebrity style do you love?
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