Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Bare Minerals BARE SKIN Foundation Review and Photos

I am a big fan of the Bare Minerals Powder Foundation because it blends seamlessly to create a flawless finish that I love, so I was excited to here Bare Minerals had released a liquid formula with an added serum to brighten and improve the skins texture, sounds good to me!
Here's my thoughts.
This is priced at £26 for 30ml which is £1 more expensive compared the original powder formula which retails for £25, for me this is expensive but is fairly reasonable for a premium foundation brand.
This is beautifully packaged within a glossy box, the bottle itself is a screw top which is hygienic but it does leak a little when you unscrew the top.
I used my Real Techniques Buffing Brush to apply this as this is my current favourite brush for applying liquid foundation. Upon application you need to shake the bottle several times to mix the serum and foundation together, I started off with a couple of drops on my hand then I blended this in using the brush, the colour was slightly yellow for my skin, but this did adjust when it had sunk in.
 It is recommended you use one to two drops, I personally think you need a bit more although it does expand well so a little goes a long way, but this all depends on personal preference.
   I did find this hard to blend into the skin initially as the formula is very runny and quite slimy but by the time I had finished the rest of my makeup it had sunk in and left a beautiful dewy glow.
The consistency does remind me of the Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua.
I did use this without a primer, setting spray and blusher so you could see it in it's truest form.
This lasted pretty well for a good eight hours, it just slightly wore under my eyes and on my nose, but I think with a primer and a setting spray this would help it last a lot longer. The dewy glow lasted till about 3pm which was good but again as above the primer and setting spray would do the trick.
Overall Thoughts
I did really like this foundation once it had sunk into the skin especially the dewy finish, the serum aspect and the fact it had SPF 20 in it. It was great that it lasted a good eight hours and I think this would last even better with a primer and a setting spray, but overall I do prefer the original powder foundation formula if I had to choose as the consistency is a little to runny for my liking. This gives a light to medium coverage and the colour is buildable, but if you are after a full coverage foundation, that has a matte finish then this is not for you.
I award the Bare Minerals BARE SKIN Foundation 3.9 out of 5
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