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Lancome La Vie Est Belle Review & Photos - My Wedding Perfume

Lancôme La Vie Est Belle
I've been meaning to talk about this perfume for a while now and I've now finally got around to it, as I bought a fresh bottle at Duty Free en route to our honeymoon destination recently. Firstly let me set the scent on how I discovered and fell in love with the La vie est belle fragrance. A few years back my husband and I took a mini break to Edinburgh to celebrate being together so long! lol Unbeknown to me when we were visiting Edinburgh castle, he actually got down on one knee and proposed!

For the whole trip I was in an absolute bubble of excitement and as we were waiting for our flight home, this lady at the airport handed me this beautiful pink fabric rose with a sample of a new perfume she was advertising. It wasn't till I actually walked away and smelt it, that I immediately fell in love with this romantic perfume and realised that this was going to be my Wedding scent and it was meant to be!

La vie est belle for me is romantic, pretty and floral with notes of vanilla, jasmine, Tonka bean and blackcurrant., but if you want a more detailed description of all of the notes, then Fragrantica has the best perfume explanations.
These days I mostly opt for an Eau de Parfum as I just find it lasts longer on the skin. So if you do like to invest a little more into fragrance then the Eau de Parfum is a better option, as you don't need to apply as much. This does also come in an Eau de Toilette too if you do prefer a lighter version, but whatever you choose here's a run down of all the prices, sizes and strengths.

La vie est belle Eau De Toilette - This look the same apart from the bottle is a little taller.
50ml - £49
100ml - £70

La vie est belle Eau De Parfum - This is the version I have and love.
30ml - £45
50ml - £64
75ml - £72
100ml - £84

La vie est belle Eau De Parfum Intense
30ml - £52
50ml - £69
75ml - £82

La vie est belle Legere Eau De Parfum
30ml - £39
50ml - £57

As you can see this is a pricey perfume, but totally worth it if your fond of feminine scents.
The packaging for me epitomizes femininity with it's beautiful delicate bottle and gorgeous white glitter and rose gold box. It also has two grey petals at the top of the bottle that represents the La vie est belle family. The mini version was actually in a Christmas Gift Pack along with a scented body lotion too, so if your after a purse friendly size, defiantly look out for the value gift sets at Christmas.
This has an easy to use spray nozzle like most perfumes, which is always nice. The mini version is a pour method which is ideal for on the go touch-ups.
I can only vouch for the Eau de Parfum, but this really does last beautifully on the skin for me personally.
Overall Thoughts
If you haven't already guessed, I absolutely love this perfume! This beautifully named fragrance just has the prettiest packaging as well as amazing longevity, despite it's expensive price tag. It's also a wonderful option if you are getting married because of it's ultra feminine and sweet smell.

Perfume is defiantly a personal choice, so if this sounds like your kind of scent, I would recommend testing this out to see how it smells and wears on your skin before investing.
I award the Lancôme La Vie Est Belle 4.9 out of 5
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