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Rimmel Scandal Eyes Nude Liner Review and Photos

Rimmel Scandal Eyes Nude Eyeliner Pencil
When I initially started getting into make-up, back in the day I loved experimenting with different looks, especially coloured liner pencils. I was also partial to a white liner in the waterline as I had read that it brightened up your eyes. Nowadays I actually just opt for a brown and black liner to tight line with, but I have always heard a nude liner is more flattering in the waterline compared to a white pencil. Unfortunately nude liner wasn't so easy to access a few years back and especially if you wanted an affordable option. Thankfully Rimmel, make a nude liner in their Scandal Eyes formula, so I thought it was about time I delved out of my comfortable dark liner zone and finally tried out this popular drugstore version.
This retails for an affordable £3.99 for 1.2g of product. It also claims to be waterproof and long-wearing.
The packaging is very simple but clear about which pencil this is and what it does.  
This glides beautifully onto the waterline and has a lovely soft texture, which I think is what you want when using a liner in such a delicate area.
I wanted to compare this also to a white pencil for you guys, so you can see the difference between both with regards to how it looks. The pencil I currently have is the NYX Glide On Pencil in Pure White, which is an equally lovely gorgeous soft pencil.
As you can see both brighten the eye area, but the nude liner does look more natural and not as harsh.
This Rimmel liner lasted surprisingly well,  right into the evening, which was great as the waterline can be a difficult area for product to stick too and for it last adequately throughout the day,
Overall Thoughts
I really liked this drugstore pencil, as it had impressive longevity, a beautiful creamy texture and it was also affordable and accessible too. With regards to the shade I do prefer the way it looks in the waterline as it has all the same benefits of the white liner, but without looking so harsh. So if your into a more neutral eye and prefer a lighter option in this area, this is defiantly worth a look at, purely for it's amazing long-wearing formula and brightening aspect.
I award the Rimmel Scandal Eyes Nude Line 4.8 out 5

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