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Over the past few years GLAMGLOW has become amazingly popular within the skincare world revolutionising the way we look at masks. GLAMGLOW is still fairly new here in the UK and I came across this eye catching brand through YouTube and Beauty Guru's raving about this product, I liked the fact that a company could focus solely on masks and targeting different skin concerns.
For me the packaging, ingredients and celebrity aspect sold it to me, I like the fact that it works quickly and is ideal for people on the go who want to look and feel glamorous just like a celebrity!
Have you used this mask, what are your thoughts?
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I actually got this on the plane when I was on holiday and paid £22.50 for 15g of product.
This retails for £49.99 for 50g on the Glamglow UK Website but I actually found it for £39.99 on the Feel Unique website saving £10 for the same amount of product!
For me this is a luxury item as it is super pricey, I was shocked at how tiny the pot was for how much I paid!
The packaging is super swanky and eye catching and the pot of mask comes boxed with an informative leaflet enclosed. The mask pot itself is metal and has a screw top lid and extra hygienic lid that seals the mask inside.
The Youthmud contains Green Tea Leaf, Volcanic Rock and Sea Clay as mentioned on the front of the box and is a clay mask with a thick grainy consistency, as soon as I opened the lid I could smell the Green Tea straight away it smelt pleasant but not over powering.

I found this mask easy to apply and it started to dry more a less straight away where I had applied it thinner in areas, the mud contained bits of green tea leaf which I did wonder what on earth they were to start with! It is advised to leave the mask on for 10 minutes or less, I left this on for the full 10, as it started to dry it felt super tingly and tight on my face.
I used a muslin cloth to remove but it certainly needed some elbow grease to get the mud off properly as it felt super exfoliating a bit like sand on your face, but the results were lovely, my skin felt soft, peachy and naturally glowed.
I would recommend if you are going to use these masks that you do it on a Sunday or a week before a special occasion as it does draw out impurities including any spots which may come to the surface, which isn't good if you have a party the next day!
Overall Thoughts
Overall for me I was impressed by this mask, I did see results as my skin felt softer and glowing like a full facial without all the steps that go with it, defiantly a great skin pick me up. I would love to see if this makes any further difference the more I use it and would be interested in trying the other masks in the range to compare and see what one would suit my skin the best. 
For me I didn't think it was worth the hefty price tag, this is not an affordable mask so best to ask for Christmas or in a gift pack or something, but it is a really good quality mask so if you want results fast or have a major event or Wedding to prepare for then it may be worth checking out!
I award the GLAMGLOW YOUTHMUD 4 out of 5
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