Thursday, 20 November 2014

My Dry Skin Essentials featuring The Body Shop

Dry Skin Essentials
I recently did a post on my Winter Lip Essentials as it is that time of the year where we need to take care of our bodies more than ever. With the heating on full blast and the cold bitter days outside it certainly takes it's toll, so I defiantly like to have a good routine in place to soothe my dry, scaly skin!
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1. This for me is crucial, exfoliating is the best for getting rid of the dead skin to reveal the new glowing skin. I love exfoliating gloves as they are easy and quick, I usually do this twice a week in the shower. If your looking for something with a grit then a body scrub is for you, there is so many out there but the one that never fails me is my DIY scrub simply made of sugar, honey and oil.
2. Next up is replenishing the body with moisture and I love a thick buttery body butter especially The Body Shop ones, they the trick perfectly, but as they are so thick I tend to use these at night so they have time to sink in well. My favourite is the Shea Butter but I am currently using the Vitamin E one which is perfect for dry skin and has a light scent.
3. When I shower in the morning I have to moisturise after other wise my skin feels tight and dry so I have to have a day moisturiser on hand that sinks in quickly and feel light on the skin. I am currently using this Vaseline Intensive Care Essential Healing* lotion which is especially targeted for dry skin and smells so fresh and clean.
*The Vaseline moisturiser was sent to me for review consideration
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