Monday, 15 December 2014

Ciate Tree Tinkets Baubles Review, Photo's and Swatches!

Ciate Tree Tinkets
If you've already read my blog post on the Ciate Mini Mani Manor you'll know I love these kind of gift ideas at Christmas and especially if they involve, nail polish and glitter in the same sentence!

Ciate seem to be on top form around the Holiday season with various Christmas gifts that out do any ordinary nail gift, their Advent Calendar is defiantly one of my all time favourite nail gifts, it's such a simple but genius ideas than your regular chocolate calendar. I recently discovered another lovely gift idea from Ciate in the form of their Tree Trinkets, six individual baubles filled with a mini Christmas themed nail polish, so adorable and great to split up as gifts. I actually was gifted this from my fiancĂ© he found it on Groupon at a bargain price of £10, I have also seen this in TK Maxx as well at the same price.

This year Ciate are selling the Tree Trinkets separately on their website, they are all the same colours as in the six pack so if your looking for affordability I would go for the one I got my hands on!

I will be doing a full review on this after Christmas and will also have swatches coming up so keep posted to see what I think of this gorgeous idea for any nail junkie.
Ciate Candy Cane
Ciate All Aglow
Ciate - Yule Rules
Ciate - Naughty or Nice
Ciate Blizzard
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