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How to Fake Tan - The Ultimate Guide

How to Fake Tan
Although fake tanning is the safe way forward, it can be daunting on what fake tan to choose and how to apply it correctly, but with a little experience you'll be a tanning pro in time at all! Here's my ultimate guide on tanning preparation, what to choose and how to apply.
Preparation is the most important part of the tanning process and can help give you a flawless and evenly covered application. Both exfoliating and moisturising should be done the day before you tan.
1. Exfoliate - Whether you opt for some affordable exfoliating gloves or a scrub, exfoliating the whole of the body is essential to remove any old build up of fake tan and dead skin cells. If you can't afford a decent exfoliator, why not make your own DIY one.
2. Moisturise - After you have washed off all your exfoliator, it's important to replenish with a good thick moisturiser, like a body butter.
With the right tools and the right tanning product for you, the tanning process will become second nature, making look like you've spend a week in St Tropez, without the harmful rays.
3. Tools - To avoid the dreaded orange hand syndrome, it's essential you use the right tools to not only protect your hands but to help apply the tan with ease. I recommend a pair of plastic gloves, a tanning mitt for flawless application and an old make-up brush to help blend in around the hands and feet.
4. Tanning - As I mentioned before choosing the right fake tan can be a daunting task as there is so many different options out there on the market. Here's my rundown on my favourites.
Gradual Tan - Perfect for beginners and building up colour gradually. I also like using a gradual tan first as a base and then building up with a fake tanning lotion to get a great deeper colour.
Tanning Lotion - These are best left to more experienced tanners, but they generally have a guide colour which is good to make sure you haven't missed any areas.
Tanning Mousse - This a great option to get a beautiful looking, natural, flawless tan.
Spray Tanning - If your really no good at fake tanning, leave it to the professionals and visit it a salon to get a spray tan, it's quick, painless and comes in many different shades to suit your complexion.
Instant Wash Off Tan - If your strapped for time or need instant colour last minute, then a wash off instant tan is the best way forward. Rimmel is my favourite and has been for years as it gives amazing colour and comes in lots of different finishes and shades.
5. Maintaining - To get the best longevity from your tan, it's important to moisturise everyday as well as exfoliate on the fourth or fifth day to remove any unwanted tan. Finish off with a gradual tan moisturiser to top up your tan and keep the colour going a few more days.

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