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Lean Greens Supplement Powder Review & Photos

Lean Greens Food Supplement

If you've seen any of my healthy food ideas videos you'll know I'm big on healthy eating and follow the 80/20 rule. Let's be real now everyone loves the bad stuff and I don't believe in depriving yourself from the naughty food, nor do I believe in dieting, it's just about everything in moderation.

I have been taking a Chlorella tablets for years now and think there a great addition to any diet as sometimes we don't have time to prepare and eat healthy meals all the time, so an added supplement is a great way to ensure your always getting your daily intake of good nutrients into your body. Recently Lean Greens reached out to me to see if I would be interested in trying their green supplement, so here's my thoughts.
A starter pack retails for £49.11 and includes a 500g tub of Lean Greens Powder and a black shaker cup. A 500g tab should give you around 30 servings as mentioned on their website.
This comes in a black tub which is hygienically sealed, as well as a scoop to measure out the correct proportions each day. On the back of the tub it tells you what ingredients make up the Lean Greens Supplement as well as instructions on how to use. The drinks shaker is also black and is a nice size to take with you if your on the go. I also like the fact the shaker comes with a small black tub to carry one serving of your Lean Greens to take with you and make up if your in a rush in the morning.
How to Use and What's In It?
I had a 50g tub sent to me and this lasted me a whole month. It's recommended you mix together one heaped scoop with a glass of water or you can mix it into your favourite smoothie or juice for an added green boost. Please bear in mind this is a supplement and shouldn't be used to replace meals etc. I see this as an added supplement boost to take along side your normal intake of food and drink. It's a great way to get that superfood boost into your regular diet if your a person that's on the go or doesn't get as much green into their diet as you'd like too. The Lean Greens powder itself contains a powerhouse of amazing nutrients including Spirulina, Chorella, Spinach, Alfalfa, Barley and Wheatgrass.
Overall Thoughts
I combined using this alone as well as added into my morning smoothie or juice. The powder itself mixes really well and doesn't have any nasty lumps of powder floating around. This smells like authentic green tea and also tastes like it too with a little sweetness added. I actually didn't mind the taste at all and thought it tasted pleasant, plus if your an avid green tea drinker the taste shouldn't bother you at all. Being an IBS sufferer, after a month of using this my tummy felt less bloated, flatter and I just felt more comfortable overall. The only thing that was missing for me, was maybe a little information booklet included in with your order, with maybe some healthy recipes to use alongside your supplement powder, as well as a little background information on the benefits of some of the ingredients.
So if your looking for that added supplement to incorporate into your everyday diet or just need an extra shot of green goodness, then this could be for you!
Lean Greens are offering all my lovely readers a trial 250g tub of Lean Greens Powder for £7.
I award the Lean Greens Food Supplement 4.8 out of 5
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