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Sephora Sheet Masks Review and Photos

Sephora Pearl and Pomegranate Fiber Masks
Sheet masks have become more and more of a must-have cult product within the last few years, thanks to a ton of #sheetmaskselfies gracing social media. Originating from Korea, sheet masks have now landed onto the western market, with a wealth of choice to suit any skin type. I picked a couple from Sephora to try, so here are my thoughts on these weird and wonderful masks.
Whether your buying from Sephora in the US or shipping to the UK, these retail for $6/£3.94, which is pricey for a one-time use mask, so I would look out for any offers Sephora may have or keep these masks for a special occasion instead.
The packaging is eye-catching and clearly labeled to help you choose what mask is right for you. Just bear in mind these are one use masks.

These Sephora Fiber Masks also come in eight colours which represent different ingredients in each, to target various skin concerns. I opted for the Pearl, which is supposed to brighten and perfect and the Pomegranate, which helps energize the skin.
Other masks within this range include,
- Lotus (Pink)
- Lingzhi (Orange)
- Ginseng (Yellow)
- Rose (Fuchsia)
- Green Tea (Green)
- Honey (Tangerine)
All of these masks come from the Sephora Collection, which also includes the Sleep Masks that I recently reviewed too.
When you first open the packaging, you'll find your sheet mask folded into a tiny rectangle, I carefully unfolded mine over the sink as the mask is well saturated. I must admit I did find this quite fiddly to start with, as the mask is pretty big and I wasn't sure which bit to stick down first! Once I got the hang of it, I started from the middle of the forehead and smoothed the sheet outwards, then any extra sheet I just folded inwards and tucked under my jaw.

Once I got over how scary I looked, you then leave the mask to work it's magic for 15 minutes, after this time, you just peel it off and throw the mask away. I used the Pearl Mask for this review.
Overall Thoughts
Overall Sephora has a great selection of own brand sheet masks to choose from to suit every skin concern and this Pearl mask I used defiantly left my skin feeling refreshed, smooth and brightened. I do like the idea of these as they are less messy and more convenient than your regular mud or crème mask, it's just a shame they are pricey for a one use mask. So if you have a special occasion or event to go to and your skin needs a quick, instant pick me up, then these are defiantly worth a try.

I award the Sephora Fiber Masks 4.7 out of 5

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