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OPI Hello Kitty Nail Polish Review and Photos

I've been into Hello Kitty ever since I can remember, so you can imagine my excitement when I saw O.P.I had teamed up with Hello Kitty to bring a limited edition nail polish collection! This cute and girly collection consists of 12 bright and feminine shades. So here's my thoughts on this fun collaboration.

Will you be picking up any colours from the O.P.I Hello Kitty collection, if so what colours catch your eye the most?
These retail for £12.50 each for 15ml of polish, which is reminiscent of all O.P.I Nail Lacquers. There is also a selection of gifts packs available including a mini five pack collection , special edition shade and trio pack.
Packaging and Collection
Each regular sized bottle is wrapped in Hello Kitty print, which is totally adorable and defiantly eye catching.

As I mentioned above the collection consists of 12 shades ranging from pinks to glitters, to primary colours including,
1. Never Have Too Mani Friends! - Black
2. My Pal Joey - Blue
3. My  Twin Mimmy - Yellow
4. 5 Apples Tall - Red
5. Spoken From the Heart - Pink/Coral
6. Starry Eyed for Dear Daniel - Pink Glitter
7. Super Cute in Pink - Pink/Purple
8. Charmmy and Sugar - Purple/Pink Duo Chrome Glitter
9. Look at my Bow! - Pink
10. Small + Cute = <3 - Baby Pink
11. Let's Be Friends  - Pale Pink
12. Kitty White - White Pearl
The Special Edition shade is called Say Hello Kitty.

For me I felt a lot of the shades where similar to colours I already owned, so I only picked up a couple that stood out the most and were unlike anything I had seen before.
The first shade that caught my eye was Charmmy & Sugar. This is a pink/purple duo chrome, shot with pink, blue and silver glitter. This looks stunning on the nails and is defiantly my favourite from the collection.
The other colour I picked up was Starry-Eyed for Dear Daniel. This for me is the ultimate girly Hello Kitty Pink. This shade has an iridescent fuchsia base and is adorned with light pink fine glitter, perfect for the ultimate party nails.

Overall Thoughts
This is an exciting collaboration between O.P.I and Hello Kitty and the collection as a whole is beautifully packaged and eye-catching, it's just a shame some of the colours where not as fun and pretty as I had expected. So if your a Hello Kitty die hard fan and your wanting to pick up a few shades, I would recommend sticking to the pinks, glitters and shimmers if your after something a little different and unique.

I award the O.P.I Hello Kitty Collection 4.7 out of 5
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