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Milani Bella Eyes Review and Photos

Milani Bella Eyes Eyeshadows
The Bella Eyes eye shadows are the last Milani product I have to review from my US Drugstore Haul. These beautiful looking gel shadows initially caught my eye back when they launched a few years ago and ever since I knew I had to snap them up when I visited the states again. With a whopping 31 colours to choose from I had a hard time deciding, but I ended up picking three that caught my eye the most, so here's my thoughts.
These retail for only $4.99 for 1.4g of product, which is exceptional value for money considering how much product you get.
The packaging is very similar to the blushers I reviewed but obviously just in a smaller size. Personally I love the packaging, as they really stand out because of the vast colour selection and eye catching name. The shadows themselves are stunning and look like beautiful glistening jewels, that I could stare at for hours!
The 31 shades are made up of 4 finishes including, satin matte, shimmer, metallic and pearl. I picked up Bella Champagne (Shimmer), Bella Rouge (Metallic) and Bella Bronze (Metallic). On the Milani website these gel powders claim to apply easily and appear vibrant and pigmented on the eyes, because of their unique formula.

These are super pigmented to the touch, but for the lid I used the NYX Jumbo Eye Pencil in Milk as I did feel these went on better with a white base. For the lower lash line I used them on their own without the white pencil as they seem to show up more vibrant and true to colour underneath. The consistency of these weren't as soft as I expected, but this really didn't affect the application at all.

Overall I did prefer the nude and the bronze shade the most as these stayed true to the pan colour, whereas the cranberry shade looked a little redder on the eye and not as vivid as it looked in the pot. The colours can also be used wet too, so maybe the Bella Rouge would be better as a wet look shadow instead.
Bella Champagne
These stayed really lovely and true to colour all day, which was great to see for such an affordable shadow formula.
Bella Rouge
Bella Bronze
Overall Thoughts
I absolutely fell in love with the Bella Eyes as not only were they appealing in the pan, they were just as attractive on the eyes too. Everything made me swoon over these shadows as the price is phenomenal, the longevity is impressive, the colour selection is remarkable and the formula is unique for a drugstore brand. The only shade that didn't look as true to colour was the Bella Rouge and so I would defiantly want to try a few of the other more vibrant shades to see if they came off the same. But apart from that these really ticked all my boxes when it comes to a drugstore eye shadow.
I award the Milani Bella Eyes 4.8 out of 5
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