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Real Techniques Bold Metals Review and Photos

Real Techniques Bold Metals
I'm already a big fan of the Original Real Techniques Brushes, so when I heard they had bought out a premium brand of make-up brushes in metallic shades, I could hardly contain my excitement! I was lucky enough to receive the Bold Metals Collection Essentials Gift Pack for Christmas, which contains two brushes from the collection as well as one exclusive brush, so here's my thoughts.
This gift pack was available from Boots over Christmas and retailed for £64, it contained a small clutch bag as well as the 103 Angled Powder Brush, 300 Tapered Blush Brush and 200 the Oval Shadow Brush. Individually these retail for the following,
103 Angled Powder Brush - Although this was an exclusive to this set it is very similar to the 100 Arched Powder Brush which retails for £25.
300 Tapered Blush Brush - £24
200 the Oval Shadow Brush - £15
These are pretty pricey brushes compared to their core collection, but they are advertised as premium make-up brushes with exclusive features.
I loved the packaging on this gift set as it was really appealing to the eye and the fact it contained three different bold metals brushes, makes it a great introductory set.
The clutch is a nice added extra, but this doesn't fit any of the larger brushes in, so it's really only good for the smaller brushes if your maybe going away for just the weekend or something.
The brushes themselves are gorgeous looking, especially the rose gold one! Each brush is pretty long and lean and is defiantly a little larger than your average sized brush, they are also weighted for better control too. All of the Bold Metals Brushes are designed for a specific area of the face, but these can be used for whatever you like as there's really no rules when it comes to make-up application.
The bristles on each brush are beautifully dense and soft which makes them a pleasure to use, so here's the lowdown on what each brush is suggested for and what I used them for.
Real Techniques Oval Shadow Brush
The Oval Shadow Brush is designed for the lid area and can be used to apply shadow all over as well as helping to blend out eye shadows. I found this brush a little big for my small eye area, so I actually used this to set my under eye concealer as well as smaller areas with powder. It's also great for blending under the eyes or applying a cream shadow base.
Real Techniques Tapered Blush Brush
This brush is created for the cheek area and can be used for blusher or highlighter. I used this to highlight, but I also think this would be good to contour with or to set powder with again.
Real Techniques Angled Powder Brush
This exclusive brush can be used with powder, bronzer or to contour. I personally loved this brush to bronze with, but it's also a great for blending all of your face make-up together to create a flawless finish.
Overall Thoughts
Out of the three brushes my favourite where the powder and blush brush, as these worked the best for me and they were also the most appealing on the eye. The clutch as I mentioned was a nice touch, but it didn't fit any of the bigger brushes in and so it's best used for the smaller ones or cotton wool and cotton buds if your travelling.
These brushes are of exceptional quality, well thought out and beautifully made, but the price for me just puts me of investing in anymore, as they are a little bit too expensive for my budget.
In the future it would be great to see a Bold Metals core collection gift pack, just like their original sets, that still reflects the high quality, but with a slight discount. Alternatively if your a girl on a budget or new to the brand I would defiantly recommend one of the original Real Techniques brush sets as these are still of superior quality but for a more affordable price.
I award the Real Techniques Bold Metals Collection 4.5 out of 5
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