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John Frieda Root Blur Colour Blending Concealer Review & Photos

John Frieda Root Blur Colour Blending Concealer
Root touch up products have become big business recently and it's actually great to finally have a product available that fills the gap in-between colour re-growth or if you simply don't have time to colour your hair as frequently as you like.

A few months ago I reviewed the L'Oreal Magic Retouch Root Spray, so I thought it would be good to compare this with a powder version too. The John Frieda Root Blur Concealer stood out the most to me, so here's my thoughts.
This Retails for £14.99 for 2.1g of product, which I do think is expensive, considering how much you pay for an at home hair colour, but hopefully this should last you.
The root concealer comes in four shades including,
- Platinum to Soft Gold
- Honey to Caramel
- Amber to Maple
- Chestnut to Espresso
Each shade has two colours in the compact, to use separately or to custom blend to match your exact hair colour.
The powder actually comes in a nifty compact with a mirror and a brush, which is ideal for on the go touch-ups. The only thing that surprised me was how small the powders were inside such a big compact!
To apply it advises on the box to use on already styled hair. As I mentioned above the two shades can be used together mixed or one after the other. I used the lighter shade first and then the dark on top. The darker shade for me gave me the best coverage on my lighter roots, as I tend to dye my hair darker than my true hair colour anyway.

At first I did find this awkward to apply to the root area round the back of my head as it's hard to see where your applying it, so if you can, get someone to help you with the back part. Overall this did cover my root area well, although it did take a lot longer to apply than the L'Oreal Spray version.
The shadows are pretty pigmented so I do advise doing this in a bathroom with a towel round you to avoid fallout onto your clothes. I also recommend using a large, well lit mirror when applying this, as it can be a little tricky trying to avoid getting it on the scalp area when you are doing this for the first time.

This did last pretty well throughout the day, but just be aware if you do accidently touch the area it does come off on the fingers a little, like the spray version.
Overall Thoughts
The coverage and longevity were great on this and I did like how you could be more precise with the brush when applying it. I also loved the fact this came in a compact with a mirror as well as a brush as this is such a great idea if your out and about, or in an emergency if you simply don't have time to fully re-dye your roots again. However it is a shame this is a bit on the pricier side for such a small amount and so I would be interested to see how long this lasted it you were using it regularly in-between colouring. It would also be great to see a black shade to accommodate really dark shades of hair too.

Overall I did like this better than the spray version as it felt a little more comfortable than the L'Oreal one, but to be honest I think I would only use these root touch up products in an emergency as I just find although colouring your hair, a more time consuming, messy process, it just works better for me knowing, my roots are covered and I don't have to worry about transfer if I accidently touch my scalp.

I award the John Frieda Root Blur Concealer 4 out of 5
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