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Primark PS Nail Range Review and Photos

Primark PS Love Your Nails Range
Primark is practically my go to place for anything these days, whether it's clothes, homeware, accessories, underwear, gadgets, you name it they've got it! Primark's nail range is also something I've always noticed when passing by, but truthfully I've never really had the desire to try out any of these products, I guess because they just seemed too cheap to be good! Luckily I recently did see a few things that caught my eye and I thought hey why not give them a go for the price, as really your not loosing that much if they don't turn out to be that good, so here's my thoughts.

Have you tried anything from the Primark Nails range? I'd love to know your thoughts too!
I reviewed three products from the PS Love Your Nails range from Primark including the, Nail Polish Fast Dry Spray retailing for 80p, the Nail Polish Remover retailing for £1 and a Matte Nail Polish in Khaki retailing for £1.50. As you may have noticed, these are ridiculously cheap nail products comparing them to normal drugstore brands that stock similar items.
All the packaging is fairly simple and mostly black with the PS nails logo printed on the front.
Nail Polish Fast Dry Spray - This comes in an aerosol can which I like, because this produces a fine, more even mist over the nail when using. The spray contains 50ml of product.
Nail Polish Remover Pot - The packaging on this is extremely similar to the Nails Inc. version which I talked about in my April Nail Favourites and so I do compare this version with the Nails Inc. one so you can get a feel for the quality and efficiency of both of the products side by side.
Matte Nail Polish - To look at the packaging is very similar to the Nails Inc. and Tanya Burr Bottles, but to me this did look the cheapest out of the three products I bought. The only difference on this polish is the cap doesn't come off to reveal a smaller cap underneath for easier application and so it does make it slightly awkward to hold when applying the polish. The brush is reminiscent of most drugstore brushes, with thick and short bristles.
Nail Polish Fast Dry Spray - On the back of the can it advises to spray the mist around 12 inches away over the wet nail polish and wait 60 seconds for it to dry. This was actually really easy to use and helped make my top coat dry almost straight away, which was great if your short for time.
Nail Polish Remover Pot - While there was no instructions on the pot, this is pretty self explanatory on how to use, all you do is place each finger in separately and wiggle it about for a few seconds until the polish is fully removed. I did one hand with the Primark version and one with the Nails Inc. pot and although the Primark one did work fairly well, the Nails Inc. worked that little bit more efficiently when removing the polish completely.

Matte Nail Polish - Because of the top and the way the brush was placed, this did make it a little awkward to apply evenly, especially if you don't apply polish on a regular bases. I also found the formula, quite transparent to start with, but after two thick coats, this did end up looking really nice as well as it being touch dry within 5 minutes.
Nail Polish Fast Dry Spray - I wanted to see how well this set over time and so I left it to dry completely until the next day. The results were relatively good, I just had a few tiny sheet marks on my nails from sleeping, but on the whole I was pretty impressed that it even dried my nail polish!
Matte Nail Polish - This lasted well for two days before it started to chip on most nails at the tips, so longevity on the matte formula wasn't the best, but I would like to try a non matte, crème formula with a top coat too, to see if this lasts any longer. I talk about this more in depth in my update video which you can find at 2.10 in my Nail Hacks video.
Overall Thoughts
I think quality wise you can see the difference between these cheaper Primark versions compared to some of the more expensive quick dry sprays, remover pots and matte nail polishes, but really these are perfect to keep in an emergency if you haven't got anything else to hand and you need to dry your nails fast or you've ran out of your regular polish remover.

With nails in general for me I think the most important products that are worth spending a bit more on are, a good base coat, cuticle oil and a non acetone remover to use on a regular bases, but overall I was quite surprised by how good all of the Primark Nail products were for the price and I think these are defiantly worth a look at if your a girl on a budget and you can't quite stretch to some of the premium branded nail products.

I award the Nail Polish Fast Dry Spray 4.5 out of 5
I award the Nail Polish Remover Pot 4.2 out of 5
I award the Matte Nail Polish 3 out of 5
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