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April Nail Favourites 2016 - Barry M, Nails Inc. and L'Occitane

April Nail Favourites 2016
Last week I focused on a special Nail Polish Week Series over on my channel. Nail Polish is defiantly one of my loves, whether it's the latest colours, treatments or fad, I'm there keen to try it out! Instead of doing a round up of my April Favourites, I wanted to share with you a few nail products I've been really enjoying using, old and new, so here they all are.
Products mentioned:
1. Nails Inc. Express Nail Polish Remover Pot
Just lately pot removers have been my only go to method as they are quick, convenient and non messy, my current favourite that does exactly that, is the Nails Inc. one.

2. O.P.I Rapid Dry Top Coat
For years Seche Vite had been my holy grail top coat, but over the past year I've found it to be not quite like it used to be. I explained this more in my video but I found it was shrinking when I applied it and leaving an odd line where it didn't cover completely at the start of my nail. Anyway to cut a long story short, I had to try a new top coat as the reason why I liked Seche Vite was largely because of the ultra fast drying time and so I recently re-discovered the O.P.I Rapid Dry and this does the job perfectly but without the shrinking!

3. L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream
Hand Cream is something I do try and apply on a regular basis and one I've been enjoying using at night is an old favourite from L'Occitane. The Shea Butter Hand Cream is ultra thick, luxurious and smells divine, it also helps keep my hands intensely moisturised and pampered.

4. Sally's Nail File Pack 
My nails have been in a bit of a state recently and in need of a good buff and a shine! I picked up this pack from Sally's recently which had a great selection of all different types of files, but the ones I've been reaching for the most are the 220/280 & 1000/4000 files, which help buff out my ridges and give my nails a natural glossy shine to them. 
Barry M recently launched their Coconut Infusion collection, which I reviewed last week. The range is made up of nudes and pretty Spring shades and one of my go to picks that I've been wearing a ton is Skinny Dip. This stunning shade is a creme formula and goes with anything and everything.
Barry M Coconut Infusion Blog Post -

6. Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Do You Pink I'm Sexy 
Another Barry M favourite has been this flattering nude pink. This colour is such a wearable shade for Spring and Summer, it also dries super quick if teamed with the Daylight Curing Top Coat from Barry M.  
Dadi Oil is another firm favourite that's been keeping my nails in check. This potent oil smells like a spa in a bottle, it's also a great multi use product too. I've been using this to hydrate not only my nails, but my feet too. 
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