Thursday, 23 July 2015

O.P.I Collection and Swatches - Whites and Pinks

O.P.I Collection and Swatches
O.P.I is one of my favourite brands of nail polish and is also where I have the biggest collection. I had previously done a post a few years back, but thought I would share with you my collection in parts as I do have a rather large stash! Hopefully this will help you out when purchasing an O.P.I lacquer or if you are searching for a particular colour.

What's your all time favourite O.P.I Colour? Tweet me a photo or let me know in the comments below.
O.P.I -  I Juggle Men
O.P.I - Kyoto Pearl
O.P.I - Happy Anniversary
O.P.I - Lights of Emerald City
O.P.I - Ski Slope Sweetie
O.P.I - Alpine Snow
O.P.I - Play the Peonies
O.P.I - Steady as she Rose
O.P.I - Teenage Dream
O.P.I - Princesses Rule
O.P.I - I Pink I Love You
O.P.I Heat Throb
O.P.I - Pink-ing of You
O.P.I - Pedal Faster Suzi
O.P.I - Pink Friday
O.P.I - I Think in Pink
O.P.I - Sparrow me the Drama
O.P.I - Pink Yet Lavender
O,P,I - Japanese Rose Garden
O.P.I - You Glitter Be Good to Me
O.P.I - Shorts Story
O.P.I - Hotter than you Pink
O.P.I - Senorita Rose-Alita
O.P.I - I Lily Love You
O.P.I - Cancun Fiesta
O.P.I - Be a Dahlia Won't You
O.P.I - Past Present & Fuchsia
O.P.I - Let Me Entertain You
O.P.I - The One that Got Away
O.P.I - Flashbulb Fuchsia
O.P.I - Ate Berries in the Canaries
O.P.I - Meet Me on the Star Ferry
O.P.I - Rally Pretty Pink
O.P.I - It's My Year

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