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Nail Polish Essentials Starter Kit

As you know I love nail polish, probably a little too much sometimes! Each time I do my nails there's a few essentials I swear by to get the best out of my manicure and keep my nails in tip top condition. So if your just starting out or need a helping hand in deciding what should be in your manicure kit, check out my handy guide to my nail essentials starter kit.

What's your go to nail product you couldn't live without? Leave a comment below or tweet me.
Leighton Denny Crystal Nail File
1. Crystal Nail File - Not only does a crystal nail file last a lifetime, it's also a lot better for your nails than a conventional file, meaning you can go back and forth, without worrying your damaging your nails.

O.P.I Avoplex Exfoliating Cuticle Treatment
2. Cuticle Cream - Cuticles need to be looked after as much as your actual nails, to keep them in good condition, choose a cuticle remover cream or exfoliating one to remove cuticle skin with ease.

3. Cuticle Clippers - I don't recommend using these for cutting your cuticles, that's what the cream is for, for removing them safety. But these are good if you have any hanging skin or hang nails on the sides of your nails.

Leighton Denny Diamond VIP Buffer
4. 3 Way Buffer - This is a great thing to have in your kit for creating a smooth surface ready for polish application or for giving a healthy shine to the nails if you want sport bare nails.

5. Cuticle Stick - I love this little stick for not only pushing my cuticles back but for cleaning up any unwanted nail polish around my nail using the flat side, dipped in polish remover.

Vasaline Healthy Hands, Stronger Nails
6. Hand Cream - This is a great essential product to have everywhere, in the car, by your bed, by the sink and in your bag. It helps keeps your hands moisturised and looking healthy.

O.P.I Original Nail Envy
7. Treatment Base Coat - A base coat is a must every time to prevent staining, but it's can also help treat the nail too. I love the Original Nail Envy by O.P.I and have done for years as it treats the nail, helping it breathe whether your have colour on or not.

Essie Ballet Slippers
8. Nude Polish - If your just getting into nail polish or want to build your collection, there is three main colours I recommend every girl should own. The first is a nude polish, I love a nude/pink like this one from Essie, it's just looks timeless and pretty.

Nails Inc. Porchester Square
9. Taupe Polish - Taupe nail polish has become more trendy over the past few years and is a great staple colour to have in your kit, as it goes with anything and looks chic and sophisticated.

O.P.I - Big Apple Red
10. Red Polish - A pillar box red is a must, as it's classic and will never go out of fashion, say no more.

Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat
11. Dry Fast Top Coat - Back in the day when I first got into nail polish, a dry fast top coat was unheard off, you simply had to wait patiently until your polish was dry, which in my opinion never worked out as I always ended up with some kind of in print on my nails! But nowadays there is a wealth of dry fast saviours on the market and I think this really is a no brainer for a fool proof manicure.

O.P.I Avoplex Cuticle Oil
12. Cuticle Oil - Even if you don't have a hand cream, a cuticle oil is a must as it keeps the nails looking healthy and conditioned. Use it not only on the cuticle but over the whole of the nail too.

13. Cotton Wool - Kind of a self explanatory item to have in your kit, but a must if you like to change up your nail polish often. I always stock up if it's on offer.

O.P.I Expert Touch Polish Remover
14. Nail Polish Remover - Another must have item, try picking a remover that is acetone free as these are less harmful and drying on the nails. I would only recommend acetone removers for removing chunky glitter polishes as they tend to need a little extra help.

Zoella Eyes Beauty Bag
Last but not least store all your nail essentials in one place, like a make-up bag, so that when your ready to do your nails you can grab your bag with everything in it and set up your own nail workstation!
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