Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Review & Photos

Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold Blush Palette
Blusher and highlighter is something I've always found hard to find on the high street, not because it wasn't available, but purely for the fact I don't think the drugstore do it as well as the high end brands. The quality was usually average and the colour selection minimal, but with the likes of Sleek, Freedom and Revolution now available, the drugstore has defiantly stepped up their blusher and highlight game in recent years. Revolution blusher palette's have been on my list to try for a while now, but with so much choice I didn't know where to start until I spotted my favourite words 'Rose Gold' on one of their newest palettes. The original Golden Sugar Palette already has a cult following and this Rose Gold version is the 2nd edition within the Golden Sugar family, so here's my thoughts.
This retails for an amazing £6 for eight multi-tasking bronzer, blusher and highlighting shades.
As with all Revolution palette's, this comes boxed with clear information on the front and a picture on the back, so you know exactly what your getting inside. I also love the fact that most of the large sized compacts come with a decent mirror too.
Each colour is super pigmented, especially the shimmery shades and all of them apply and blend out beautifully too. Personally I preferred using these as blushers and blush toppers as the matte shades made for a lovely cheek base and the shimmery ones as a stunning highlight topper. The two far right shades can also be used to contour to add dimension to the face.
These wore surprisingly well considering blush is always the first thing to disappear on me. They lasted most of the day, especially with one of the highlighters shades on top, although I would recommend re-applying these if your going out of an evening and you don't have time to re-do your make-up.
Overall Thoughts
I honestly can't say enough good things about this brand. This palette is not only amazing value for money for eight versatile shades, but the colours are stunning, the pigmentation impressive and the longevity is pretty good too. So if your already a big fan of the original Golden Sugar Palette or you love a good highlight or blusher, then this could be right up your street and a must for your collection!

I award the Revolution Golden Sugar 2 Rose Gold 4.9 out of 5
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