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Make-Up Storage and Organization Ideas

Makeup Storage and Organization
When it comes to organization, I just love finding different ways to organize and store my make-up so that it's easily accessible, visibly clear and affordable. Today I wanted to show you how I store my make-up to give you some inspiration and ideas if your in need of a make-up vanity overhaul!
Firstly if you want to display and store your make-up on top of your vanity, then here's some storage solutions I use for make-up brushes, lipsticks, sponges and perfume.
1. Make-up Brushes and Essentials
I adore acrylic storage as it's clear so you can see everything you have, plus it just looks clean and crisp and goes with everything. I use these acrylic office compartments from Muji which are ideal for make-up brushes or anything you need to hand when doing your make-up on the daily.

Larger Three Pot Acrylic Unit - Muji
Smaller Three Pot Acrylic Unit - Muji
Single Acrylic Pots - Muji

2. Lipstick Storage
You've probably seen this kind of storage a ton before, but if you want to have your lipsticks on display, then this really is the best way to store them. I picked up this particular 24 lipstick holder from TK Maxx, but both TK Maxx and Home Sense are wonderful places to seek out inexpensive acrylic make-up storage, as they always have so much choice and new products every week.
Acrylic 24 Lipstick Holder - TK Maxx
3. Make-Up Sponges or Lip Balm
Another fantastic way to store products is using kitchenware items. All you need is a little imagination and you'll find there are endless ways to store your make-up using kitchen accessories.
Small White Heart Bowl - Wilko
4. Lipsticks, Lip Balms and Lip Liner Storage
I've already shown you one way of storing lipsticks, but there is so many other ways you can too. These draw units from Muji can store up to two rows of lipsticks if you opt for the two draw or one row if you prefer the top acrylic unit.
A fancy glass is also a nice way to store lip liners or eye pencils, so that you can see them clearly, plus it looks visually appealing too.

Two Draw Unit - Muji
Two Smaller Draws & Lid Unit - Muji
Gold Polka Dot Glass - Asda
Copper Mirror - Matalan
5. Perfume Trays
If you like to have your perfume out on display then there is many different ways you can. My current favourite is with this simple white plate I found in the kitchen section at Wilko, but you could use any kind of plate, tray or even a cake stand, there's no rules when it comes to storage!
Medium White Plate - Wilko
When it comes to large storage my preferred way to store make-up is in the cult Ikea Alex 5 Drawer. This draw unit is fabulous as it's the perfect size to fit under the Ikea Linnmon Desk, plus it comes in white too!
6. Muji PP Vanity Storage
Within the draws I've found the best storage solutions from Muji called the PP Vanity. This range has an amazing selection of storage compartments that fit like a dream within the Alex draws, So here's how I utilise my Muji storage within the draws.
Large PP Vanity (ideal for compacts, pencils, eyeshadow pots or lip glosses) - Muji
Small Square PP Vanity (great for smaller compacts) - Muji
Long PP Vanity Pot - Muji
Lipstick Storage Tall PP Vanity - Muji
Large Nail PP Vanity - Muji
Plastic Draw Lining - Ikea
7. Make-up Bags
Lastly if you have too many make-up bags, but you have no idea what to do with them all, then these are also useful to use inside the draws to store, hair tie's, clips or nail files.
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