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Primark PS Makeup Tools and Dupes - One Brand First Impression

Primark PS Range
I think I'm in the majority vote when I say I love a good old trip to Primarni! It honestly get's me every time and I always walk out with something!

Just lately Primark have for me been on top of their beauty game with the release of their PS Pro Makeup range and PS Love Your Nails brand which I have already reviewed here. As well as this they also have a great selection of beauty tools and accessories that look very similar to some well known high end products. So I picked up four beauty tools from the PS line to put to the test.

PS PRO Blending Brush
PS PRO Blending Brush
First up is this Blending Brush that looks very similar to the high end Artis brushes as well as the Makeup Revolution version I reviewed a few months back.

Price - The PS PRO Blending Brushes come in three sizes with the one I picked up being the largest, which retails for £4.

Packaging - The packaging is pretty simple and the brush is a little plasticky looking, but the actual bristles are dense and soft to the touch.

Application - I used the Clinque Beyond Perfecting Foundation with the brush as I do find a full coverage foundation works best with these oval brushes.

Upon application the brush was a great size as it fitted around the contours of the face easily. It also blended out my foundation well to a lovely flawless finish. The only cons were the brush did feel a little rough and synthetic on the face and the handle didn't feel as sturdy to hold, compared to the Revolution one.

Overall Thoughts - Overall this brush was a great size to work with and it did give my foundation a surprisingly flawless finish. Yes you can tell the brush is a little cheaper and more synthetic feeling on the face in comparison, but taking everything into consideration this really isn't a bad brush for the price.

I award the PS PRO Blending Brush a 3.8 out of 5
PS Mini Blender Sponge
PS Mini Blender Sponges
Just lately I've been obsessed with the new Real Techniques Miracle Mini Eraser Sponges and although these are pretty affordable, I wanted to test out something even cheaper to compare. Primark luckily have many mini versions to choose from including this pack I found with three different sponges in.

Price - The Mini Blender Sponges retail for an inexpensive £2 for three.

Packaging - Again these are simply packaged with the sponges themselves doing all the talking. In this pack you get a pink rounded sponge and two tear drop shaped ones.

Application - I used the orange one damp as this felt the softest, but compared to the Real Techniques one, this didn't feel as soft and bouncy. With the sponge I used my favourite Maybelline Fit Me Concealer to blend out under the eyes, nose and chin and to my surprise this actually gave my concealer a flawless finish.

Overall Thoughts - Despite this not feeling as soft and bouncy on the skin, this did give my concealer a lovely flawless finish just like the brush. I do also like the fact this was a tiny bit smaller than the RT one, so you could get a little closer to the under eye. But to be honest I think if your going to buy one of these smaller sponges I would just go for the Real Techniques version as you do get two for £5.99 and these just work the best because of their overall shape and texture.

I award the PS Mini Blender Sponges 3.5 out of 5
PS 15PK Mascara Wands
PS Mascara Wands
I found these handy pack of mascara wands which have four different types of brushes for volume, curl, definition and length, which I thought would be great if you maybe have a mascara that you want to use up, but unfortunately it wasn't working for you because of the brush.

Price - This 15 pack of wands retails for a super affordable £1.50.

Packaging - Although there is not much to the packaging it does tell you what each brush is best used for on the front. The wands themselves are rubber and come in two different colours and four different shapes as I mentioned above.

Application - I decided to try out the one pictured below as I thought this most resembled one of my most loved high end mascara's from Benefit. I used this with the Rimmel Scandaleyes Reloaded Mascara that I tested out recently.

Upon application I couldn't believe how much of a game changer this wand was and for me this transformed the Rimmel Scandaleyes from an average mascara to a pretty good mascara that lengthened and separated my lashes. The only negative I have is that the bristles are a little longer and because of that it did get a bit messy when using the wand.

Overall Thoughts - These wands are fantastic and such a great thing to have to hand if you do have a mascara you need to use up but your not a fan of the brush initially. I loved the variety of brushes and how affordable they were for £1.50 and I defiantly think these are worth picking up to store in the cupboard for not only mascara but if you need to brush your brows out too.

I award the PS Mascara Wands 4.2 out of 5
PS Makeup Remover Cloth
PS Makeup Remover Cloth
My last beauty product I picked up was this Makeup Remover Cloth that looks remarkably similar to the Makeup Eraser.

Price - This retails for a mega affordable £1.50 compared to the Makeup Eraser that costs a whopping £17!

Packaging - The cloth does come boxed but it doesn't give you much information on how to use, apart from mentioning it removes your makeup with the cloth and water only. The cloth inside comes in pink only and is super soft to the touch. It also has what looks like an exfoliating and softer side just like the original Makeup Eraser.

Application - I actually used this on one side of my face and the makeup eraser on the other to see how they compared which you can watch in the video I linked above. I couldn't believe how well the £1.50 Primark version removed my make-up! I used the softer side to remove all my face make-up and then the slightly more abrasive side to remove my eye make-up, just make sure your using this cloth damp for it to work efficiently.

Overall Thoughts - Overall this cloth impressed me so much considering how cheap it was! This got rid of all my make-up including my eye and brow products which are usually harder to remove at the end of the day. I would say the Makeup Eraser removed my make-up a tiny bit quicker but really I couldn't see much difference between both apart from the major price difference. So if your keen to try out a makeup remover cloth but your not willing to spend the money, then this Primark version is perfect if you need to remove your make-up quickly after a night out or something.

I award the PS Makeup Eraser Cloth a 4.5 out of 5
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