Wednesday, 9 November 2016

L'Oreal Extraordinary Facial Oil - My Saviour in a Bottle

L'Oreal Extraordinary Facial Oil
We all know Facial Oils are a great addition to any skincare routine, especially as the weather gets colder and our skin gets drier. I actually haven't used an oil in my routine for a few years now, but I thought it was about time I started to use one again as I have noticed my skin feel and look drier as I've got older. Thankfully I have found my solution and this is now my second bottle of the stuff! Meet the L'Oreal Extraordinary Facial Oil, my new best friend...

The Extraordinary Oil is a little on the pricey side for drugstore, but it's made up of 8 essential oils and it smells divine. I use this at night all over my face and neck, but you could also use this before or mixed in with your foundation and even on the ends of your hair if they're looking a bit dry. Every time I apply this, my skin actually zaps it up like a drink and I wake up the next morning with beautifully hydrated skin. Overall this oil has become a Winter lifesaver for me and a holy grail skincare product I know I cannot be without.
The L'Oreal Extraordinary Oil retails for £19.99 for 30ml of product, however I always recommend keeping a look out for any offers the drugstores or Amazon* may have.
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