Friday, 25 November 2016

The Cult Beauty Product that Removes Makeup in Seconds..

Bioderma H20 Micellar Water
I've tried a fair few Micellar Waters from the Drugstore, but I've never actually tested out the iconic Bioderma, which I consider to be 'the crème de la crème of micellar waters'. Nowadays Micellar Waters have become a bit of a cult favourite within the beauty world thanks to the one and only Bioderma Créaline H20 and I was keen to finally see what all the fuss was really about...
When I first heard about Bioderma, at the time it was only available on Amazon or via a quick trip to France to a French pharmacy. But now we are lucky enough to have access to this product right on our doorstep.

I actually did pick mine up while I was in France as it is a little cheaper, but if you can't quite make the trip then Bioderma as a whole is now available from Boots,, Amazon* and Feel Unique. Prices do vary, but for the 500ml bottle of Créaline H20 that I have, then this is around £19.
The solution can be used to cleanse the face or to remove make-up, either way this is a great quick and effective process if you're short for time.

Overall comparing this to drugstore formulas, I can now see why this has a huge following. Bioderma just has that edge over other formulas because it enables you to remove your makeup litrally in seconds, plus it's also fragrance free, demagogically tested and super for sensitive skin.

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