Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit Review & Photos

Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit 
After the phenomena of the Kylie Jenner Lip Kits and following on from my review on the Makeup Revolution's dupes, comes another exciting drugstore version this time from Barry M.

Barry M is a brand I've never really delved into make-up wise, but just recently they have been on top of their new launch game and I have three of the most exciting releases to share with you over the next couple of weeks. So firstly let's kick it off with the one I was the most ecstatic for, the Matte Me Up Lip Kits...
The Lip Kits retail for £6.99 each and come in three Limited Edition shades including, Runway Berry, Pose Pink and Go To Nude. Each kit includes a lip liner and matte liquid lip paint.

There is also five, single matte liquid lip paints that retail for £4.99 each and come in the following shades,
Pop Up
On the Scene

All individual lip paint are available from the Barry M website, Boots and Superdrug and the lip kits are available from Superdrug and Boots only.
Each lip kit comes in a colour co-ordinating box with as I mentioned above, the lip liner and liquid lip paint. The single lip paints also have the identical packaging to the ones in the kits too.
I tested out the shade Pose which is a stunning nude/pink with a slight mauve undertone. 
Upon application the lip liner glided on with ease, but if I had to compare it to the Revloution one, then I would say that was even more softer to the touch. 
The lip paint had a lovely thin consistency, that felt more like a moisturising oil on the lips. The overall finish was super matte, but beautifully pigmented, however it's worth noting that this shade is slightly lighter than the colour shown on the box. 
Thanks to the combination of the lip liner and lip paint this stayed on most of the day with the exception of a little wear and fading after my evening meal. The only concern I did have was because these are super matte, they can show up every crack on your lips and towards the end of the night my lips did feel quite dry and slightly uncomfortable. So I would advise making sure your lips are super exfoliated and moisturised before application.

UPDATE: I did try the lip liner on it's own too and this wasn't as drying on the lips, plus it lasted really well too. 

Overall Thoughts 
I have to say I really did enjoy this shade and it was great to see a brand like Barry M do something like this. Price wise these are a pound more expensive than the Revolution versions and unfortunately they do only come in three shades which is a shame. The packaging is gorgeous and despite the limited shade selection the three lip kit colours available are very wearable and perfect for any matte lipstick lover. 

The consistency and application of these were impressive and I much prefer the feeling of these compared to the Makeup Revolution versions. However just be aware these can be quite drying towards the end of the night and they do accentuate any cracks you may have on your lips, so as I mentioned above just make sure your lips are well moisturised and flake free before application. 

Overall I adored this shade and I think if you do love an affordable matte liquid lipstick, then these are too good not to pick up, it's just a shame they are only limited edition as it's not often you see a drugstore brand bring out a kit with a lip liner and complimenting lipstick together all in one kit.

I award the Barry M Matte Me Up Lip Kit 4 out of 5


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