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5 Tips to Pack the Perfect Carry On

How To Pack a Carry On
If you've decided to travel light this Summer or you're taking a carry only, armed with all your essentials for a weekend getaway. Then hopefully I've got your covered with this simple 5 Step Guide on some of the tips and tricks I use to pack efficiently.
First things first, make sure you check what you are allowed to take with you onboard, with regards to how much, size, weight and what. I would go onto to your airlines website and check cabbage bag allowance. It's also worth checking the airports website that you are flying to and from with, to find out if there are any restrictions that you may not be aware off.

We went away for a two night trip and I took this suitcase and a handbag also. However I did have to check this bag in, in the end because of new size restrictions that had come into force recently. So just make sure you check before you buy, so that you can avoid those pescy additional charges when you get to the airport!
This suitcase is from Matalan. It comes in a Small, Medium and Large Size, plus it's also a very good dupe for the popular Bric's Milano Luggage*.
I find the best way to plan outfits for your trip is to lay everything out day by day. So if you're going for say, two nights and three days, I think in sequence starting with my travel outfit and then maybe a change of clothes for that day depending on when you arrive, then I pick out outfits for each evening and so on.

Next I lay everything out that I've pulled together, so that I can see what I have and if there's anything else I need to add or takeaway. Think 'Capsule Wardrobe', which leads me on too...
When packing light it's fundamental to ask yourself the question, do I really need that spare pair of sandals, extra lipstick or that 'just in case 2nd jacket'?

Sometimes you just have to be focused on what you REALLY need, so that you only pack those bare essentials, as chances are you probably won't wear or use absolutly everything you pack in your suitcase...

To see how and what I packed for my two night trip, don't forget to check out the according video I linked above. 
4. WRAP & ROLL...
To ensure you maximise every little bit of space in your suitcase I recommended rolling all your  clothes tightly, that way they can be tucked into awkward spaces and they can free up extra space. 
Underwear and socks can also be tucked into shoes and bags also.

I've used this trick for years now as I find it always works best, especially if you need a little extra room for gifts etc. on the way back.
This is a tricky one if your'e only taking hand luggage, but with a little bit of planning you can have this down to a T in no time! 

Firstly, I again recommend going through and gathering together what you would normally use throughout the day and so on. Then once you have everything you think you would need, start dividing it into two piles, one for under 100ml liquids/pastes and one for non liquids. (*Always check with your airport security beforehand).

I than place all my under 100ml liquids in the required size plastic bag to check they all fit. 

If you don't have everything travel sized then you can always decant into smaller containers. I love picking up a pack of clear containers from Primark as they come with different types of bottles and pots.

 Finally I've also linked a handy travel toiletries checklist that you can pin too. 
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