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Poundland Skincare Review and Photos + The £1 Facial Cleansing Brush!

Poundland Skincare Collection

There are 5 products that make up the Poundland #6 Skincare Collection including,
- Poundland #6 Micellar Water 200ml
- Poundland #6 Anti-Aging Day Cream 50ml
- Poundland #6 Anti-Aging Night Cream 50ml
- Poundland #6 Anti-Ageing Eye Cream 15ml
- Poundland #6 Anti-Ageing Collagen Filler 15ml
- Poundland #6 Anti-Ageing Derma Serum 15ml
I also managed to pick up this Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush with 4 Attachments in Poundland too!
The range is suitable for all skin types however this is an Anti-Ageing collection, therefore, I would say its aimed more at the aged 25 and upwards target audience.

- Poundland #6 Micellar Water £1
- Poundland #6 Anti-Aging Day Cream £1
- Poundland #6 Anti-Aging Night Cream £1
- Poundland #6 Anti-Ageing Eye Cream £1
- Poundland #6 Anti-Ageing Collagen Filler £1
- Poundland #6 Anti-Ageing Derma Serum £1
Even the Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush was only a £1!

Each item comes in an informative box. Inside the packaging is very basic but I do like the fact that the products come boxed giving them that slightly more premium factor.

#6 Micellar Water - Suitable for all skin types this Micellar Cleansing Water with Aloe-Vera, Vitamin E and Pro-vitamin B5 is designed to remove makeup and aid in purifying, cleansing and smoothing the skin. Use with a cotton pad over the eyes, face and neck.

For me, this removed my makeup well and although this is supposed to be gentle I did find it stung my eyes a little when removing my eye makeup, so I tended to use this more for removing my face makeup instead.

#6 Anti-Aging Day Cream - With ingredients such as Algae Extract, Collagen and Vitamin A & E, this Anti-Ageing Day Cream helps combat noticeable signs of ageing and helps the skin feel radiant, moisturised and firm. Wear this alone after toning or use on top of either the Collagen Filler or Derma Serum. I would also recommend applying an SPF on top just because this doesn't have any added sunscreen. The cream has a lightweight texture and is slightly scented, upon application this does feel a tad greasy, but nevertheless, this sunk into the skin more or less straight away and left my skin feeling visibly hydrated.

#6 Anti-Aging Night Cream - The Anti-Aging Night Cream has a lovely mix of the same ingredients as the day cream, the only difference being Pro-Vitamin B5 is also included. Apply this as the last step in your evening routine or on top of the Derma Serum. Just like the day cream, this has a slight scent to it and a beautiful lightweight texture. This for me paired with the Derma Serum was my favourite combination as my skin always looked glowy and hydrated when I woke up the next day.

#6 Anti-Ageing Eye Cream - On the box the Eye Cream claims to gradually reduce fine lines and wrinkles and with skin-loving ingredients such as Algae Extract and Flaxseed Oil, this eye cream can be used both morning and evening although I personally loved using this in the morning as I prefer to use something thicker for night. I loved this eye cream as it felt comfortable and pretty hydrating under the eyes.

#6 Anti-Ageing Collagen Filler - The illuminating Collagen Filler is designed for anyone who already has visible signs of ageing. It can aid in decreasing the signs of wrinkles and furrows. This has a medium thickness yet it sinks into the skin straight away. Initially, this feels a little taught on the skin and to me, this acts more like a primer so I would suggest wearing this in the daytime. Overall my skin felt soft after use.

#6 Anti-Ageing Derma Serum - Last but not least is the Derma Serum which includes ingredients such as Jojoba Oil, White Water Lily, Rice milk and Sepilift Mono Peptide. Much like the Collagen Filler, this Anti-Ageing Serum is formulated for skin that already has visible signs of ageing and can help revive and renew the complexion. This lightweight formula makes my skin feel smooth and soft and can be used either in the morning or evening, however, I do prefer using this at night underneath the night cream.

Facial Sonic Cleansing Brush - Although this is not related to the #6 Collection, I just had to share this with you considering the whole kit was only a £1! The Sonic Cleansing Brush is battery operated (2 AA Batteries are included), water resistant and travel-friendly. As I mentioned above this comes with four attachments including, the dermabrasion brush and sensitive brush that you can use with your favourite cleanser, a facial massager which is great to use with facial oils and a moisturising sponge that can be used with as the name suggest your favourite moisturiser. It's advised to wet the skin and the brush head first if you are using the cleansing attachments.

The brush has one speed and is to be used in circular motions with any of the attachments, just don't forget to rinse or wipe your chosen brush head after use.

For a live demo's on each of the products including the cleansing brush you can also watch my dedicated Poundland skincare video that I've linked above.

All of the products have a 12-month shelf life after opening.

As far as I can see, this looks like a permanent collection in Poundland.

I really wanted to give this collection a thorough test run and it's been around four and a half months since I posted my first impression on this. I know you guys were patiently waiting to hear my opinion so here are my final thoughts on each product...

I think overall for the price this collection is actually not bad! The products are well thought out and I like the selection of 6 products that they did release. Personally, I'm not sure you're going to see mega results anti-ageing wise however I do think that all of the items can be used by anyone and everyone whatever your age as they do contain some lovely and hydrating ingredients in each.

The Micellar Water I recently featured in my Skincare Empties video here and I have to say this was my least favourite purely because this stung my eyes! It didn't do a bad job at removing makeup but I think comparing this to my favourite Garnier and Bioderma ones, they do get my makeup off that little bit more efficiently.
I award the Poundland #6 Micellar Water a 2.5 out of 5.

Moving onto the Day and Night Cream again these are not bad products as they have a beautiful texture and both are hydrating. If I was going to buy either one of these again then I think I would opt for the night cream just because I prefer something more along the lines of a lotion or serum for the day time and the night time moisturiser was so lovely paired with the serum.
I award the Poundland #6 Day Cream a 3.7 out of 5 and the Poundland #6 Night Cream a 3.8 out of 5.

The eye cream was another hit for me as it's a great one to throw on if I'm short for time or as a travel companion as it's pretty hydrating and sinks into the skin straight away.
I award the Poundland #6 Eye Cream a 4 out of 5

Lastly, the Collagen Filler and Derma Serum were lovely products too but for me, the Serum was my favourite as I mentioned above preferably teamed with a face cream on top as it gave my skin that lovely glow the next day. I think the only problem I had with the two of these is the tubes weren't that big considering your using them all over your face and it would have been nice to have something a little bit bigger, but honestly, for the price, you could just buy two!
I award the Poundland #6 Collagen Filler a 3.7 out of 5 and the Poundland #6 Derma Serum a 3.9 out of 5.

The Cleansing Brush, well this was the biggest steal of them all as you guys know I've tested a few of these types of brushes that I've deemed to be affordable anyway, but this was too good not to pick up even if just use it for when you are travelling. Comparing this to the Primark and Lidl one I own I think I prefer them for doing a more thorough job, but I did really like the variety of attachments especially the moisturising sponge and facial massager to use with oils.
I award the Poundland Cleansing Brush a 3.8 out of 5

So guys what did you think, have you picked up and used any of these products yourself I'd love to know your thoughts too? 



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