Friday, 19 October 2012

Nails Inc. Sprinkles Collection Review, Swatches & Photos

Nails Inc. has been on top of their game this year with constant on trend colours and nail effects that any Nail Polish Addict needs in their collection!

I have especially been interested in the Sprinkles Collection which creates a multi-layered glitter & polish effect to give the look of Sprinkles. I haven't seen this type of polish where the glitter is mixed in with the coloured polish anywhere, which makes Nails Inc. completely different and unique to any other brand I have seen out there.
Here's my thoughts.

The packaging is cute & kitsch, displaying that these are a special effects polish. They also have a Tiny Cupcake sticker on the top with Sprinkles on which is very appropriate to the range and makes them stand out. The only thing I would say is I do find the top a bit plastic for a high end brand.
Each bottle contains 10ml of polish.

The polish is of medium to thick consistency, the base colour is a crème formula injected with three different glitters to give the sprinkles effect.
Because of the consistency and pigmentation you can almost get away with one coat of these polishes, but I think two coats shows of the multi-layer of the glitter and colour better.

The polish is easy to apply because of the long thin brush which helps you achieve flawless application.

This doesn't stay on as long as a normal coloured polish due to its consistency; I'd say it lasted about 2-3 days when I applied this, using a base and top coat.
Warwick Street is a fine sprinkle that was exclusive to a QVCUK TSV.
These are priced at £11 a bottle, which is average for a high end nail brand and I think you get what you pay for with regards to the formula and buying into a trend led brand which is on the top of their game, it’s just a shame about the plastic looking top.

I love these polishes because the formula is unlike anything I have ever seen before and as I have mentioned Nails Inc. impress me every time with their fashion forward led collections, colours and textures, they really are up there when it comes to nail brands and I am looking forward to seeing what they come out with next!

I award the Sprinkles Collection 4.5 out of 5
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