Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Top 10 Party Musthaves Survival Kit

Top 10 Part Musthaves Survival Kit

The Party Season is nearly upon us and if your like me and want to still at least try to look fresh at the end of the night and not look like a dishevelled mess, then it's crucial to pack a few essentials that will help you look like the belle of the ball right into the early hours!
Here's my Top 10 Party Must haves Survival Kit.

1. Like any survival kit a bag or makeup bag is a must to keep all your essentials in so you can easily reach them.
2.  A pretty glitter party polish is always on my top 10 and you can always take it with you for touch ups and they even do mini sizes to pop in your handbag nowadays.
3. Mints or gum is a must have so you have fresh smelling breath when talking to colleague's so they don't smell your wine breath, not attractive! lol
4. By the end of the night it's hard to look glamorous when you have red, tired, bloodshot eyes! Keep them fresh all night with some dazzling eye drops.
5. Anti-bacterial is always a good idea wherever you go, it just helps keep your hands clean in any emergency situation.
6. Blister Plasters are my saviour as you know what it's like you buy a new pair of shoes especially for the party and end up having to sit down the whole night as your riddled with blisters!
7. Make sure you have your lipstick packed for on hand touch ups, defiantly important if your opting for a bright coloured lip.
8. Mirrored compacts are a great idea for quick make-up touch ups and if everyone's hogging the mirror!
9. Most perfumes can be decanted or come in mini versions these days and are such a good idea to keep you smelling fresh as a daisy all night long.
10. Last but not least, don't forget your phone for emergencies and to take those all important party selfies!
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