Friday, 20 February 2015

Nail of the Day - O.P.I Comet in the Sky and Essie Licorice

O.P.I Comet in the Sky and Essie Licorice
Well another week is over in February and oh my is it going fast, crazy fast! As Spring is right around the corner I wanted to share with you one last dark nail of the day before I leap into my spring pastel nail polish shades. OPI Comet in the sky is a beautiful galaxy inspired nail polish, shot with an array of different sized black and iridescent hexagons. This polish was released in last years holiday collection in collaboration with Gwen Stefani and is the perfect top coat to change up any nail lacquer colour. I decided to team this with Essie Licorice to create the perfect nail combination and I love it! What would you team with O.P.I Comet in the Sky to make the perfect nail combination? Tweet me or leave a comment down below.
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