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Fleur de Force The Glam Guide Review and Photos

Fleur de Force The Glam Guide
Out of all the You Tuber book releases, Fleur's was defiantly the one I was most excited about. Having followed her channel for years, I have to say she is one of my favourite people on YouTube. Why? She's down to earth, relatable, honest, natural and beautiful. If you don't know already Fleur is a British Blogger and YouTuber with an audience of over a million, that are captivated by her respected advice on Fashion and Beauty products.

Released in February The Glam Guide is a round up of everything from Beauty to Fashion, Healthy Eating and Life Advice. With a great mix of content, this beautiful book has something for everyone.
Here's my thoughts.

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The book retails for £14.99 and can be found in most good book stores, including Tesco, Amazon and WHSmith.

Packaging and about the book
This book certainly caught my eye when I saw it. The cover is beautifully adorned in Rose Gold writing, on trend watercolour accents and personal pictures that represent everything in Fleur's life.

Inside the book you'll find tips and tricks, life hacks and everything in between, to help you lead a glam life. Fleur also shares her secrets and experience on make-up advice, how to look good in photos, as well as relationships, dreams and of course YouTube and Blogging tips.

My Top 5 Favourite Pages from the book
1. The Illustrations - Throughout the book
Not only is this book the ultimate life guide, it's also visually appealing too. You can tell so much effort and thought has been put into every page, with so many beautiful photos and illustrations to capture each chapter.
2. Hair - P60 - 81
I love Fleur's guide to everything hair, she had some really great tips that I had never even heard of before including, hair colour, DIY masks and quick and easy hairstyle ideas.
3. Travel - P132 - 149
Being an avid traveller myself I love anything to do with travel and enjoy watching Fleur's vlog channel to see where in the world she has been recently. This section again gives some great tips for any amateur packer on what to pack in your carry on, how to overcome jetlag and beauty essentials.

4. Juicing and Smoothies - P158 - 163
I have a thing about making juices and smoothies for breakfast and so it's great to see people feel as passionate as me about this subject. Fleur covers a whole topic on Health and Fitness as well as sharing three of her favourite Juicing and smoothie recipes too.

5. Life, Love Dreams and Everything in Between - P180 - 209
Confidence is something I think most of us struggle with these days. With so much pressure to look good because of influences like social media and magazines, it's great to see real women speak out about how they deal with self-confidence issues and exactly how to lead an overall positive, happy life.

Overall Thoughts
The Glam Guide is a truly beautiful book inside and out. It really is your essential glam bible that every girl should own! You can tell that so much thought has been put into every single page to make this relatable to girls young and old. Whether your looking for beauty or fashion, healthy recipes or blogging advice it can be found in this essential glam bible. It's great to see Fleur finally combine all her knowledge, secrets and experience into one solid book that genuinely reflects her as a person. It really is inspiring to witness another YouTuber doing so well through sheer hard work and determination in something she sincerely is passionate about. I'm excited to see what's next for Fleur.

I award The Glam Guide 4.9 out of 5
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