Sunday, 22 March 2015

Nail of the Day - O.P.I Shine for Me

O.P.I Shine for Me
Now I'm probably the only one who hasn't read the Fifty Shades of Grey books, nor have I seen the film and when I heard O.P.I were teaming up with the movie to release a collection of Nail Polishes, I was less than impressed at the prospect of what I imagined to be a collection of dull grey shades. In one sense I was right, the collection is made up of six shades with five being grey and the other one red and yes this had been the least excited I've been about an O.P.I collection for years. But one 'shade' of grey did catch my eye and that was Shine for Me. Shine for Me is a beautiful grey based fine glitter shot with accents of light and dark blue. This colour was opaque in two coats and does look stunning if your after a more sophisticated glitter. The collection is available from the O.P.I website and retails for £11.94 each for 15ml.

Have you guys tried any of this collection, what are your thoughts, I'd love to know!? Leave a comment down below or tweet me.
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