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Tanya Burr - Love, Tanya Book Review and Photos

Tanya Burr Love, Tanya
I usually don't do book reviews on here as this is a beauty and nail based blog, but I feel this is an appropriate review as the book is about beauty, make-up, lifestyle and much more.

If you haven't heard of Tanya Burr by now then where have you been! Over the past few years Tanya has become a household name influencing a young audience with her beauty tips, make-up tutorials and baking videos on YouTube. As well as sharing snippets of her life she has been seen on the front rows at fashion week and has her own nail, lip and lash line, named appropriately Tanya Burr. Here's my thoughts on the next chapter, her long awaited book release, Love, Tanya.
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This retails for £12.99 and can be purchased from Waterstones and Amazon. It is available as a hardback, eBook, kindle or audio version. If you shop around you can more than likely find this on offer instead of paying full price. This is a great price anyway for such a lovely quality, decent sized book.

Packaging and About the Book
I love everything about the design of this book, the cover is eye catching and beautifully adorned with metallic gold hearts and stars on the spine. I like the fact it also has a ribbon bookmark incorporated in so you will never loose the page your on. This is a very easy read as the book is laid out in sections, which include plenty of pictures to inspire you if your not a serious reader.

The book starts off with a mini biography on Tanya's personal life growing up. It then progresses onto the remaining chapters which consist of the parts we know and love her for, including skincare, romance, baking, YouTube, make-up tips and much more.

My top 5 favourite parts of the book
1. Tools - P78 - 81
We all want to know what's in Tanya's make-up bag and what tools she uses to create her effortless make-up looks. I love this page as it goes into detail about her essential make-up brushes she swears by and also pictures and the names of each brush.

2. Top 10 Skincare Products - P66 & 67
I love seeing other peoples skincare recommendations whether drugstore or high end, it's great to see favourites that I may not have tried yet and in turn these usually end up on my Pinterest wish list!

3. Photos & Make-Up Essentials - P76 - 97
I love all the photography in this book, the pictures are so crisp and show off Tanya's personality well. This is one of my favourite photos from the book as this for me, represents Tanya the best and is where she first started, as a Make-Up Artist.

4. Amazing Chocolate Brownies - P208
I remember watching this recipe on Tanya's Channel and being a chocolate lover myself I thought they looked so yummy. The best bit overall is she uses mostly healthy ingredients to make such an indulgent recipe.
5. Notes - At the end of each chapter
One of my favourite parts of this book is the notes sections at the end of each chapter. I love writing notes and I am a big dreamer like Tanya. These sections really inspire me to write down my dreams, aspirations and reflect, as I think sometimes we can get carried away with life and not sit down and think about what we're thankful for. It's great to have life goals and dreams and this is such a lovely touch to the book.

Overall Thoughts
I really did enjoy reading this book as you can tell so much thought and planning has been put into every page. Love, Tanya has such a great mix of content and is perfect if your not a keen book worm as each chapter is filled with pictures, inspiration and tips. Ultimately this book reflects Tanya as a whole and everything she loves and is successful for, it's amazing to see how far just a normal girl from Norwich has come and she proves dreams can come true if you put your heart and soul into everything your passionate about.

I award Love, Tanya 4.8 out of 5
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