Friday, 17 April 2015

How to Remove Gel Polish at Home

How to remove gel polish
As much as I love the convenience of Gel Polish, it can be a bind to remove and not removing gel properly can cause damage to your nails, so it's essential you remove correctly, whether you go to the salon or remove yourself. There's a couple of ways to remove gel polish, so I thought I'd share with you the correct way to remove gel.
Gently buff the polish on each nail a little with a buffer to break the seal.

Saturate a small, cut up cotton pad or pre-made remover wraps with gel remover or acetone. I am testing out these foam pads by Cuccio, but you can also purchase a remover kit from your local salon, Sally's, Amazon or you can make your own by cutting up small pieces of cotton wool and foil.

Place the saturated pad over the top of the polish and wrap neatly and securely around the finger. Leave for around 15 -20 minutes, you'll know if there ready as the gel should just come away from the nail easily. I often find heat helps speed up the removal time, so try running a hair dryer over for a couple of seconds at a time or wear some flannel gloves as mitts, to keep the heat in or if all else fails,,you could always sit on them!

Once your ready to remove, make sure you have a bin to hand, as this can get messy. Gently twist the foil and cotton pad off and with a cuticle stick, carefully remove the remainder from the nail.

Once all gel is removed, rinse your hands and then go over each with a anti-bacterial spray or nail polish remover on a cotton pad to ensure the nail bed is clean.

STEP 6 & 7
Replenish the nails with a good moisturizer and cuticle oil all of over the nail.
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