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Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish Review and Photos

Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish
I love gel nails purely for the convenience factor, as they dry fast and you don't need to worry about them for weeks, the only negatives for me are, I get bored of the colour by the second week and the removal process is a bind. Recently I've seen a lot of nails brands releasing gel like formula's that are quick drying, have a weeks worth of wear and are much easier to remove. First up on my review series of these formulas is the Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish, so here's my thoughts.
Both the colours and top coat retail for and affordable £4.99 each for 10ml of product. The collection comes in 7 on trend colours including,
- Can't Get You Out Of My Red
- You Drive Me Navy
- Do It Like A Nude
- Peach For The Stars
- The Way You Make Me Teal
- I've Been Pinkin'
- Fuchsia Generation

This collection is packaged in the usual Barry M uniform, but with an added beautiful rose gold top. Both the brushes on the colour and top coat are the perfect size to paint over the nail evenly, but just be careful of the top coat's brush as it can separate slightly if exposed to sunlight for too long.
It is advised on the label to paint two thin coats of colour and one thin coat of top coat, the colour can also be painted straight onto the naked nail without the need for a base coat, but to protect my nails from staining, I did apply a base coat. Upon application the colour was opaque in two coats and the top coat dried amazing quickly, to create a smooth and shiny finish to the nails, without smudging. It also mentions on the bottle to use only the colour and top coat with each other, but I tested this top coat with one of my Essie Nail Polishes and it worked just as well, drying in minutes.
Barry M The Way You Make Me Teal
Day 2 - I had slight wear on the tips of some of my nails, but it was still nice and glossy.
Day 3 - Nails are still glossy, but colour had worn away a little more on the tips and I had slight chipping on my pointer fingers.
Day 4 - Again, slight more wearing on the tips of the nails
Day 5 - Day 5 was this nail polishes expiration date for me, as I had chipping on most of my nails.
Overall the colour stayed well for a majority of the five days, it's just a shame the colour started to wear on the tips by day 2.
Overall Thoughts
Barry M's Sunset Polish is a great affordable alternative to gel polish and is fantastic if you are a mum, lead a busy lifestyle or can't afford to have regular gel polish manicures frequently. The colour selection is not only on trend but accommodates most peoples taste and the top coat is comparable to the famous Seche Vite Dry Fast Top Coat. The only negative for me is the wear time, although there is not a visible difference from a distance, up close the colour had worn or chipped on almost every nail by day 3, which is a real shame. So if you are after a full proof manicure with more than three days wear, make sure you look after your nails throughout and also ensure you seal the tips of your nails with the top coat properly, to safeguard maximum wear time.
I award the Barry M Sunset Daylight Curing Nail Polish 4 out of 5
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