Tuesday, 16 June 2015

DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift and Bridesmaid Advice

DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift
Hey guys, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend? Today I have another Wedding segment for you, this time it's about those all important Bridesmaids! Bridesmaid's can play a fundamental part in not only your big day, but the lead up to it. I have four bridesmaids and each one holds a special reason to why I asked them in the first place, so I wanted to share with you my top five bridesmaid tips as well as this super easy and affordable DIY Will you be my Bridesmaid gift too.
1. Go with your heart
Choosing your Bridesmaid's can be a hard and stressful task, but I would say go with your heart and what you think is right for you, don't give into peer pressure or other people opinions, unless you need advice in making that ultimate decision.

2. Set up a chat
Once you've popped the question to all your bridal party, set up a chat to communicate easily with everyone. This also means you don't leave anybody out, if they don't live locally. Group chats are great as everyone can get involved and share their opinions, pictures, ideas etc.

3. Have a girly night
Get together all your bridesmaids and have a girly night in break the ice, this way everyone can get to know each other before all the planning starts.

4. Bridesmaid Dress Shopping
Have a girly day out trying on bridesmaids dresses and take lots of photos. Although you might have a style in mind, it's great to try on various different styles, so your sure the dress you like suits all your bridesmaids in reality.

5. Bridesmaid Duties
Your bridesmaids are there to help you out with anything you need, so take advantage of their help as you'll appreciate it in the long run. It's also the bridesmaids duty to organise your hen do, which sometimes can be a little unnerving if your a perfectionist like me! But again with everything else you need to plan and organise it's nice to hand over things like this and make your bridesmaids feel special and involved.
DIY Will You Be My Bridesmaid Gift - Kate Spade Inspired
You Will Need:
- White Storage Box
- Shredded Tissue Paper
- Gold Glitter Card
- White Dot Stickers
- Gold Pen
- Gold Glitter Letter Stickers
- Scissors
- Double Sided Tape
- Black Polka Dot Ribbon
- Gifts to place in the box to give your bridesmaid
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