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Nivea Men Post Shave Balm Primer Review and Photos

Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm
You may have already seen this Nivea Men Post Shave Balm trending around the beauty community and that's thanks to the lovely Nikkie Tutorials on YouTube. She actually found this by fluke in her boyfriends cupboard as she forgot to bring her regular moisturiser, so she thought why not give it a go. It actually turns out that this is one of the best beauty secrets to be discovered in a long time due to the essential ingredient in this shave balm, called glycerine. Glycerine is a great sticking agent and because of this it help's your make-up adhere to your face better. Of course I had to put this unusual primer to the test, so here's my thoughts.
This retails for £5.29 for 100ml which is great value for money.
The packaging is simple, non-fussy, clear and masculine, which is reminiscent of the whole Nivea for Men line. The actual bottle itself is glass and has a pour method application to it.
Upon application the consistency is like a serum and you really only need a tiny bit as a little goes along way. The trick is to rub it in really well until the balm feels tacky to touch, then you know your ready to start applying your make-up.

As this is designed for men after they shave it feels lovely and light on the skin and sinks in beautifully. The smell of course is masculine, but this only lingers for a minute or two.
My make-up applied beautifully over the top of the balm, but initially it didn't look any different to what it usually does when I use either the Benefit Porefessional or Maybelline Baby Skin as a primer.
Although my make-up didn't look any different to what it usually does, the longevity for me was the selling point, I was amazed at how well my make-up stayed all day and all night. My blusher is usually the first thing to wear, but this stayed in tact and overall my whole face looked exactly the same as to when I had applied it in the morning!

This balm would actually be ideal if your going on a night out or getting married and you want fool proof make-up to see you through. But like with all products I recommend you test them out before hand, so that you know if their going to be right for your skin type or not.
Overall Thoughts
This for me is one of the best primers I have ever tried, I couldn't believe how well my make-up stayed and the fact this is only £5.29 for 100ml, makes it one of the most affordable beauty hacks to be discovered in a long time. So if your after an affordable primer alternative to all those fancy primers and setting sprays, that's also gentle on the skin, then this may just be your best kept secret for bullet proof make-up!
I award the Nivea Men Post Shave Balm 4.5 out of 5
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