Monday, 21 March 2016

First Impressions Update - Primers, Teeth Whitening, Tanning and Brush Cleaning

About a month ago I did a First Impressions Week on my channel, where I put to the test some new launches and discoveries, covering everything from Tanning to Teeth Whitening and Brush Cleaners to Mascara's. I wanted to give you an update on all five products that I road tested, as I feel the more you use a product the more you form a solid opinion on what you really think of something, which is why I like sharing with you my product empties videos. So here's my final thoughts on all five products.
1. Maybelline The Falsies Push Up Drama
I'm still loving this mascara, but I can see why people really don't like this, as it can be quite a clumpy mascara, especially if you add more than two layers. But that being said, I personally love this because it gives me that false lash effect, it lengthens my lashes nicely and it stays put throughout the day.

2. Nivea Men Sensitive Post Shave Balm
This really is a genius beauty hack, thanks to Nikkie Tutorials, as it's amazing at helping your make-up stick to your face all day long and I actually find it look's even better when I don't use a moisturiser prior to priming. It's also replaced my beloved Benefit Porefessional, which I used to use all the time.

3. Real Techniques Brush Cleansing Palette
I can defiantly say this brush cleansing palette has helped make washing my brushes an overall more enjoyable experience! This palette, has different sized nodules on it to cater for every brush size, but for me I've actually been swishing my brushes over all three. As I mentioned before the only brush that doesn't clean as well is a long haired duo-fibre brush, but apart from that, this helps clean all my brushes thoroughly.

I've also been enjoying the brush cleansing gel, that came in a sachet as a free sample with the palette, as it has a beautiful pleasant smell and does help clean my brushes well too. So keep posted as I may just do a full review on this as well.

4. Rimmel Sun Shimmer In-Shower Self Tan
This was honestly a total miss for me, I really wanted to love this, as the whole concept sounds great, but really in reality it's not so great. The thing that made this not work for me was as your applying this in the shower, you have no control on being able to add more or less to some parts of your body, resulting in the tan building up in all the places you don't want it too, i.e. knees, elbows and feet. When I usually do my tan I add moisturiser to the problem areas where tan is more likely to grab on to, then after application, I add a little more moisturiser to these areas to help blend them out naturally, but obviously with this you can't as your doing applying it in the shower. I also think that one layer is enough as anymore can make you look orange, although this can be used as a gradual tanner.

So overall after my ramble, I feel this is more suited to experienced tanners, if you really are short of time and you need a slight glow to the skin for a night out or special occasion.

5. Colgate Max White Whitening Pen
I absolutely loved this whitening pen as not only is convenient for travel, it really does work! I used this day and night for two weeks after brushing and overall my teeth looked whiter and brighter.

On the packaging is does say you should use this for up to three weeks, but my pen only lasted two, as I think you do need to use quite a bit to be able to cover the teeth adequately. But overall for the price you cannot beat the value and results you get from this whitening pen.
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