Tuesday, 29 March 2016

NYX Wonder Stick Review and Photos

NYX Wonder Highlight and Contour Stick
Just lately I've been dabbling in a bit of contouring, I say dabbling lightly as I'm by no means an expert at this, but it does make a difference at enhancing your best features and hiding your not so good parts! I recently picked up this highlighting and contouring stick from NYX, as I thought it looked like an interesting alternative to your regular powder and brush contour method, so here's my thoughts.
This retails for £10 for 8g of product all together, which I guess you could say is a little expensive for a drugstore brand, but this is a unique product with a dual ended stick that helps make contouring a breeze. The double ended stick also comes in four different shades, which is great to see. I picked mine up in the Light/Medium shade.
I love the box the stick comes packaged in, as it has detailed step by step picture instructions on how to use the product, which is fantastic and defiantly helpful. The stick itself actually looks like a double ended lipstick, but this in fact helps you contour and highlight really easily.
This is by far the easiest contour and highlight product to use, thanks to the stick formula and really helpful instructions. Each end is also shaped differently to help you sculpt and focus on particular areas of the face without difficulty.
Upon application this glided on effortlessly because of it's beautiful and creamy consistency. This also was the perfect shade as the contour colour wasn't to dark and the highlight end was more of a lighter concealer shade, so not shimmery at all. I applied this after my foundation and before powder, I then blended it in well to reveal a super natural and subtle contour, which was just what I wanted. The only thing I would say is because of it's really creamy consistency, you do need to powder lightly, just to prevent the contour and highlight from slipping around on your face.
This stayed really well providing you powder with a translucent powder, plus this is almost like your sandwich layer after your foundation and before your powder/bronzer stage and so that helps it to stay put all day too.
Overall Thoughts
I absolutely loved this stick as it was so easy to use, plus it wasn't to dark, orange or shimmery at all. The consistency was beautiful and the longevity great, providing you set the creams with a powder, but apart from that I think for the price this is brilliant for anyone and everyone, whether your just starting out in make-up or your a seasoned pro at contouring and highlighting.

I award the NYX Wonder Stick 4.9 out of 5
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