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My Current Favourite Make-Up Brushes

In previous posts I've talked about how important I consider make-up brushes to be when applying make-up, they really can change the way your make-up is applied and how it looks on your face.

Back in the day brushes were either really expensive or hard to get hold off, especially if you wanted to invest in a set of brushes, but nowadays they don't have to cost the earth and there are some really great companies that produce high quality brushes at affordable prices.

Today I wanted to share with you my current favourite make-up brushes, I love to use to help my make-up look the best it can be. I also wanted to guide you through some of my favourite make-up brush brands, if your looking to invest in some new brushes.
This brush has become one of my favourite brushes for foundation, as it's tightly packed bristles help you blend out any foundation with ease.
I love this brush for setting my foundation with powder down the middle section of my face, as well as under the eyes.
I adore this brush for blending out under the eyes and setting smaller areas on my face.
Foundation - Beauty Blender
When I'm not using a brush to apply my foundation, I'm using the ever wonderful Beauty Blender. It just helps give the most flawless and natural finish to the face.
I've totally been in love with this brush for applying bronzer, the dense large bristles help me cover large areas quickly.
Contour - Revolution
The flat short bristles on this brush help make contouring an all round breeze and I'm really not sure what I did without this brush!
I use this brush for highlighting, as it's the perfect size for dusting over the tops of the cheekbones, nose and cupids bow.
Blusher - MAC 168
I've never found any other blusher brush that does the job quite as well as this one does, it never fails to make my blush look good every time.
This kabuki brush has been in my make-up collection for years now. I use this mainly to blend out anything on my face.
This little spoolie is the best tool you can have for your brows, it helps groom, blend and set the brows into place.
Pomade - Crown Brush
I always start with a brow pencil to outline my brows, then I use this lip brush to apply the Anastasia Beverly Hills Brow Pomade as it really is the perfect size for getting into the brow area.
This is my holy grail brush for applying brow powder and nothing else ever compares when I try something new. I just find this works well at picking up the right amount of product to fill in sparse areas.
I use this brush with concealer to clean up around my brow area. It works a treat because of it's small straight bristles.
Blender - Crown Brush
This mini smudger is another one of my holy grail brushes that I've never strayed from. It just helps blend out where I have concealed around the brows really well.
Cream Shadow - MAC 242
I find this brush great for applying any kind of cream shadow base, it's again a good size for getting into the eye area.
All Over Shadow - Royal & Langnickel Crease
I use this brush next to lay down a nude shade on top of the cream shadow, to create a base for my main colour palette of shadows to be applied.
Blender - Royal & Langnickel
This is actually the same brush as the mint one, I just like to keep this one as my clean brush to blend out any shadows I lay down.
Blending - MAC
The MAC 217 brush is a bit of a cult favourite and is one brush I do recommend you invest in, it's just a great everyday staple blending brush.
This is a recent discovery me, but oh my it's become one of my favourite crease brushes for applying my transition shades.
This double ended brush actually came free with the Iconic Pro 1 Palette, but this is not cheap bristled brush, it really is beautifully soft and is the ideal size for applying and defining in the outer v of the eye.
Lid - MAC 239
I like this brush for applying shadow all over the lid, because it has lovely short, packed together bristles, that help fit into even the smallest lid areas.
Cut Crease - Makeup Revolution
The other end of this brush from the Iconic Pro 1 Palette, is another one I have been using non stop as it really helps you get into the socket to define the area between the socket and the lid.
And finally onto liner, I find these flat angled brushes help apply liner the easiest, as they are super tiny and really fit into the lash line well.
I use this mainly to apply shadow to my lower lash line, I then use the Real Techniques 200 brush to blend everything out.
Crown Brush - Perfect for starter Kits, if your just getting into make-up and you want to invest in a kit, over individual brushes.
Makeup Revolution - Great for face and contour brushes and can be found in most Superdrug stores.
Royal & Langnickel - Royal & Langnickel stock a wide range of 100% Vegan, synthetic brushes, that come in pretty colours and sets.
Blank Canvas Cosmetics - They stock a great variety of lovely quality brushes very similar to Sigma, but for half the price!
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