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GHD Atlantic Jade Styler Review and Photos

GHD Atlantic Jade Straighteners
Nowadays I couldn't imagine a world with out hair tools, especially straighteners. Gone are the days of frizzy hair disasters, as now we can rejoice in sleek, smooth and frizz free hair! I've been a GHD fan ever since I can remember and although these are always an investment for me, they always do the job every time. Unfortunately my older GHD's finally decided they weren't going to cooperate anymore and so I begrudgingly had to invest in a new pair. But like I said these are a fail safe holy grail hair tool I just cannot live without, so the deed had to be done! GHD recently bought a new collection of limited edition hair styler's named the GHD Azores, consisting of three shades of mermaid hues, that would look good on any girl's dressing table! So of course I had to snap up one of these limited edition beauties and here's my thoughts.
As I mentioned above the collection consists of three different coloured styler's including,
- GHD Platinum Serene Pearl Styler, which is the most expensive at £165.
- GHD V Atlantic Jade Styler, which is the one I picked up, which retails for £130.
- GHD V Marine Allure Styler, which also retails for £130.
The packaging on these is STUNNING!! Everything about them is gorgeous from the box to the heat matt, to the straighteners themselves, which makes it all worth while for the money you pay for them.
The box is beautifully decorated in your chosen straightener colour and describes exactly what you are getting in the box clearly.
The heat matt is a gorgeous light teal shade, that also double's up as a carry case for your straighteners, which always comes in handy when travelling.
The straighteners themselves are reminiscent of all of the GHD's V styler's, which are what I had before, but this time, they've added a convenient cap to put on the top of the straighteners to protect them.
Efficiency & Performance
These work so well at straightening your hair safely, smoothly and quickly. They also can be used for curling and creating endless styles, which is something I'm yet to master with straighteners! They also have a beeper on switch, which sounds when the straighteners are hot enough, as well as a feature that turns your tool of after 30 mins, if you forget too.
Overall Thoughts
Overall I think the limited edition GHD Azores range is stunning if your in need of a new pair like me or your an avid GHD collector. Yes these are expensive for a pair of straighteners, but I always see these as an investment as they always last for a good 10 years and personally I would rather pay out for a pair I know perform the best and that also look after my hair at the same time, compared to purchasing a cheaper pair that may not last as long or do the job as well. 

I award the GHD Atlantic Styler 4.8 out of 5
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