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Essence For-Bidden Volume Mascara Review & Photos

Essence For-Bidden Volume Mascara
I've tried a fair few mascara's here on the blog and I have to admit I'm a bit of a sucker for a new mascara that claims to do everything my naked lashes can't do! Essence is a brand I've really been enjoying lately and I recently came across this new mascara combo called For-Bidden Volume consisting of a normal voluminous mascara and lash top coat with fibers for added volume, so here's my thoughts.
The original For-Bidden Volume Mascara retails for a super affordable £3 for 12ml of product and the For-Bidden Volume Top Coat is £3.80 for 10 ml. There is also a third edition to the For-Bidden family called For-Bidden Volume Rebel, which has all red packaging, this is supposed to add even more volume than the original if you like that intense lash look. All of the mascara's come in black only and are available from Wilko online and in store.
Both mascara's come in simple black and red packaging with the only difference being the top coat has a red wand.
The original mascara has a lovely long brush head which is tapered at the top.
The top coat mascara has more of a long thin brush head to add even more thickness..
The aim of this mascara is to add volume as per the name, without the clumping. This for me was quite a dry formula and I would say it actually gave me more length than volume. The top coat contains tiny black fibers inside to help you achieve that false lash effect and it can also be used on top of any mascara, not just this one. I applied this over the top of the original mascara as I felt my lashes did need more volume and yes this did help, but overall I didn't see any dramatic difference while using this lash combo.
Both mascara's stayed really well throughout the day without any transfer or flakiness, which is always a bonus.
Overall Thoughts
Overall these mascara's didn't do anything majorly dramatic that would make me want to buy them again. Both mascara's were a great price and don't get me wrong I love Essence as a brand, but really the original mascara didn't give me any volume just a little bit of length which was disappointing. I did however like the top coat as this had more of a wet consistency and I have since tried this on top of other mascara's and it has helped give me that false lash effect I always crave. So if you have a not so good mascara that needs using up, it may be worth paying the £3.80 for the top coat to add on top, but with regards to the original version, I think there is defiantly better voluminious mascara's out there.

I award the Essence For-Bidden Volume Mascara and Top Coat 3 out 5
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