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MAC Mariah Carey Collection Review & Photos

MAC Mariah Carey
Last month I was excited to hear that MAC had collaborated with Mariah Carey to create the ultimate divalicious collection. Growing up Mariah was someone who I adored. Her music, style and make-up were goals and so it was great to finally see a collection that embodied everything Mariah is! So here's my thoughts...
The collection consists of,
- Two Eyeshadow Quads in I'm That Chick You Like and It's Everything | £27.50
- A Black/Brown Liquid Eyeliner in This is My Night | £18
- Two Sets of Lashes in 05 & 36 | £11.50
- Five Lipsticks including, I Get So OCC, All I Want, Bit Of Bubbly, Dahhlinggg! & MCizzle | £17
- Five Lipglasses in It's Just Like Honey, Rainbow Interlude, Little Miss Monroe, Dreamlover &      Butterfly Bling | £16.50
- Two Pro Longwear Lip Pencils in So Dramatique & New Ombré | £17
- Two Blushers in You've Got Me Feeling & Sweet Sweet Fantasy | £20
- A loose gold shimmer powder in Touch My Body | £26.50
- A gold toned Extra Dimension Face Powder in My Mimi | £26.50
- Limited Edition 239 Eye Shader Brush | £21
- Limited Edition 183 Buffer Brush | £34.50

Although this collection is huge with so many gorgeous products to choose from, just be aware that a few of the items are priced slightly higher than their original counterparts.
The packaging is indeed stunning with each box adorned in gold and silver glitter which translates onto the products too. The lipsticks also have Mariah's signature Butterfly imprinted onto the bullet and the face powder even has Mariah's face etched onto it too!
MAC Mariah Carey I'm That Chick You Like
MAC Mariah Carey It's Just Like Honey
MAC Mariah Carey 239 Brush
As you can imagine, this collection sold out pretty quickly, but my lovely husband actually managed to get his hands on the I'm That Chick You Like Eyeshadow Quad, It's Just Like Honey Gloss and the 239 Eye Shader Brush for me. I've also put links above in the price section to the items I can see are still available.
The brush is great for applying cream or powder shadow to the lid specifically. I already I have a few 239 brushes and I personally love this brush as it's the perfect size for the lid area.
This is a pretty nice eyeshadow palette and it's for sure pleasing to the eye. The colours applied nice enough but I did find Escape Me hard to pick up on the brush and Golden Petals was a little scratchy to the touch because of the added sparkle within the shimmer. Whenever You Call was a beautiful buttery golden/yellow shade, although because of the yellow undertone this would be more suited as an inner corner highlighter. Finally How You Thrill Me was a lovely pigmented deep brown that would look lovely smoked out or as a liner along the lash line.
It's Just Like Honey is a beautiful caramel/nude gloss which has a stunning golden shimmer shot through it. The Lipglass was lovely and plumping and smelt of MAC's signature Vanilla scent. It's also the perfect shade that can be worn alone or on top of a matte lipstick to add some dimension.
The shadows lasted well throughout the day but I do recommend applying a primer or coloured eyeshadow base to ensure maximum wear time. The gloss was surprisingly long-wearing and I would say this lasted a good few hours before I needed to re-apply, even after eating.

Overall Thoughts
Overall this was a beautiful collection visually and it without a doubt epitomized everything Mariah Carey is. However I often find that with Limited Edition collections the consistency of some products is not always the best compared to their significant others, even though the price points can sometimes be higher. I think honestly you are paying for the packaging more than anything and if you are a Mariah Carey or MAC Limited Edition Collector, then these are certainly worth a look at.

Personally I love most MAC Make-up and I do love to dip my toe into the odd Limited Edition item if it does have beautiful packaging and it is something I know I will love and use. So I think in conclusion it's worth doing a little research before you buy, so that you know which items are worth the hype and which ones are certainly not.

I award the MAC Mariah Carey 239 Eye Shader Brush a 4.8 out of 5, the eyeshadow palette a 3.8 out of 5 and the Lipglass a 4.2 out of 5.
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