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Maybelline Master Precise Skinny Review & Photos

Maybelline Master Precise Skinny 
I'm forever on the hunt for the 'foolproof' black pencil liner, that is both super pigmented and long-wearing. Last month I spotted this gel eyeliner crayon from Maybelline and I admit, the packaging sold this to me initially, as who cannot resist a bright pink packaged liner! Besides this I was in awe of how tiny this pencil was... So here's my thoughts.
This is a total steal at only £3.99. The gel liner pencil comes in black only.
As I mentioned above the packaging got me right away. However the real reason I bought this was because it's a 'gel' liner and it also has a super skinny tip, which helps make lining the eye more of a breeze. I also love the fact this is retractable, so no sharping is required!
Because of the gel like texture, this glides on beautifully across the eyes. I tend to wear pencil liner in the waterline, which is where I applied this pencil. For the lash line I either use a shadow, pot gel liner or felt tip eyeliner, but this works for wherever you love applying liner thanks to the tiny, precise tip.
Along the waterline this doesn't last all day I think because of the gel consistency. However along the lash line this does last a lot longer. I also recommend popping this in the fridge if you find it is a little to soft for you.
Overall Thoughts
Along with this being wonderfully affordable and compact, I do think these types of gel pencils are actually a great addition to your make-up bag, especially if you need to touch up your liner on the go or your wanting to create a really precise line along your lash line.

Longevity wise this works better along the lash line and because of the gel consistency you are guaranteed to get a darker line than a regular pencil, it's just a shame this doesn't come in a wider selection of colours.

Overall I did love the size and consistency of this pencil and if you're forever on the hunt for a good black 'gel like' eye pencil or you struggle with creating a thin line, then this is definitly worth a look at, especially as it's very similar to the Milani Liquid-Like eye pencils.

I award the Maybelline Master Precise Skinny a 4 out of 5 
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