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St Tropez Bronzing Face Sheet Mask Review & Photos

st tropez self tan express sheet mask 
The St Tropez sheet mask is the first I've ever seen in this format before. Now I'm already a big fan of the st tropez bronzing face lotion as it gives a great natural looking glow, that sinks in straight away, so when I heard that st tropez had released a face tanner in a sheet mask form, I had to give it a go! So here are my thoughts...
This retails for £14.99 here in the UK, although prices vary from store to store. I have linked where this is available both in the UK and US.
- Boots £15 (on offer for £9.99 at the moment)
- Feel Unique£8
- Beauty Bay* £6.25 
- Sephora* $9
- Ulta* $9
The mask is from the ever popular Self Tan Express Line and inside you'll find two sheet masks, conveniently sealed in separate packages. On the back of both the outer packaging and foil packaging, is easy to follow step by step instructions.
Upon application, it is recommended you cleanse your face beforehand, then you can go ahead and apply the face mask for the desired time. The mask itself is protected with a plastic film as it is quite delicate to handle.

Here are some pointers and tips for ease of application,

1. Choose the desired time you want to leave the mask on for...
 - 5 mins is a Light Tan
- 10 Mins for a Medium Tan
- 15 Mins for a Dark result.

2. Smooth out the mask on the face ensuring you covered your whole face with the sheet.

3. Wash hands straight after application and set the timer.

4. Once the required time is up, remove the mask and blend in the serum, ensuring you go down the neck and chest, and up onto the hairline etc. (I made the mistake of not blending the product out into the hairline, which resulted in an attractive line around my forehead!)

5. Wash hands again immediately.

6. Leave for the recommended 8 hours for the tan to develop properly.

I've linked the complimenting video above if you would like to see a live step by step demo also.

Immediately after my skin did look more glowy and the product did sink in really quickly, which was good. The next day I woke up to a lovely medium tanned face, I really like the intensity of the colour, despite the hairline error!

I left this on for 10 minutes for a medium glow.
I'm now on day 3 and my tan still looks as good as the day I put it on so, so far so good!
Overall Thoughts
I have to say I really loved the concept of this, however, they're not the best value for money compared to how much you get in a bottle, and how many times you can use a tube of St Tropez Bronzing Face Lotion. 

Time wise this is a little more time consuming and I would consider this more of a luxury, pamper face tanner if you have a bit more time to spend of an evening. Overall I loved the fact that this sunk straight into the skin, giving me a beautiful glow and a lovely tan the next day. (just remember to blend into that hairline and down the neck!)

I award the St Tropez Bronzing Face Sheet Mask a 4.7 out of 5

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