Saturday, 18 August 2018

Aldi Caviar Day Cream and Aldi Caviar Night Cream Review and Photos + Caviar Facial Wipes

Aldi Lacura Skin Care
- Aldi Caviar Day Cream SPF 15 50ml
- Aldi Caviar Night Cream 50ml
- Aldi Caviar Day Intensive Treatment 3ml
- Aldi Caviar Night Intensive Treatment 3ml
(This was a special Christmas Gift Pack, please find individual pricing below)
- Caviar Facial Cleansing Wipes 25 Wipes (Sold Separately)

The Lacura Caviar Illumination Collection is an Anti-Aging skin care line that is aimed at the 40+ Age Group. All of the products contain the Caviar Extract which helps hydrate, restore and reduce the signs of ageing.

Aldi Caviar Day Cream £6.99
Aldi Caviar Night Cream £6.99
Aldi Caviar Day Intensive Treatment (Only available in the gift pack)
Aldi Caviar Night Intensive Treatment (Only available in the gift pack)
Caviar Facial Cleansing Wipes £1.29

Both the jars have a glass base and plastic top. The wipes come in the standard facial wipe packaging with a hygienic plastic lid.

Aldi Caviar Day Cream - Apply this as part of your AM routine to the face and neck.
Aldi Caviar Night Cream - Apply to the face and neck as your final step in your PM skincare routine.
The Day and Night Cream have a gorgeous lightweight medium consistency.
Aldi Caviar Day and Night Intensive Treatment - Use both of these concentrated serums before you apply your day and night cream as a seven-day prescription to give your skin that extra boost before a holiday, wedding or if your skin needs a little additional TLC.
Caviar Facial Cleansing Wipes - These can be used to cleanse, tone and moisturise or to remove makeup.
(A Word on Wipes - You guys know that these are not the best thing to use on a regular basis to remove makeup and I wouldn't recommend using them to remove your eye makeup, but hey sometimes now and again I admit when I'm tired and it's late and I know I need to remove my makeup, a wipe can be a saviour in taking my makeup off quickly!)

12 months once opened on all products. The wipes have their own individual expiry date located on the back of the pack.

In Aldi Stores or Aldi Online here.

I adore everything I've used from this collection as the whole line smells so fresh and feels beautiful on the skin and having used these products every couple of days over a period of four months I've certainly noticed that my skin feels and looks more hydrated, refined and soft to the touch.

Overall if I had to choose between the Day and Night Cream, I would probably only buy the Night Cream again, just because I apply my SPF as my last step in my morning routine and a lotion I feel is better suited to my skincare AM routine personally. Nevertheless, this is a fantastic affordable results-driven skin care collection.

Aldi Caviar Day Cream - 4.7 out of 5
Aldi Caviar Night Cream - 4.8 out of 5
Aldi Caviar Day and Night Intensive Treatment - 4.7 out of 5
Caviar Facial Cleansing Wipes - 4.5 out of 5
Aldi Caviar Day Cream and Aldi Caviar Night Cream
Aldi Caviar Intensive Day and Night Treatment
Caviar Facial Cleansing Wipes


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